the Evening of 3 may in Cherkassy we went to the column of the National guard on the streets of the city were APCS. So Vladimir Zelensky and Arsen Avakov responded to the intensifying “rebellion of mayors”, the center of which became the regional centre of Central Ukraine with a population of 276 thousand people. The reason is the resistance to quarantine coronavirus.

One of the most capacious vehicles of the national guard stood near the house, where the adviser of the mayor of Cherkasy S. Kolomiets. To the question, what is the reason for such blatant intimidation of citizens sitting in the cockpit the officer with a condescending smile replied: they say, nothing unusual, just patrolled the streets today, here’s a little “intensified”.

the Soldier, of course, lied. The reason “gain” was scheduled for Monday questioning of mayor Anatoly Bondarenko investigators of the national police of Ukraine. Yesterday the mayor threatened the President Zelensky for premature relief in Cherkasy mode “anticreasing” quarantine.

surrounded by the head of Ukraine, it seems, did not attach importance to the fact that the decision on the easing of the quarantine was made by the Executive Committee of Cherkasy city Council. A collective body, that is. According to Ukrainian legislation, the liability of individual members of such a body for collective decision does not occur. From the point of view of the Law, claims to Anatoly Bondarenko, summoned today for questioning, and there could not be. City hall gathered qualified jurists, what can be said about the Office of the President of Ukraine. Therefore, the questioning was canceled.

Valery Bondarenko, the wife of the mayor of Cherkasy, posted an emotional Facebook post. The lady was outraged appeared on the official website of President Vladimir Zelensky refutation, they say, no your husband was not going to threaten. “How is it cynically: they not only consider an outright threat, and deny! outraged, Ms. Bondarenko. – Summons my husband about opening of criminal proceedings, it turns out, the Joker is sent and You are not aware of these things?”.

According to Valeria Bondarenko, quarantine in Cherkassy is not canceled, but only weakened “at the request of thousands of entrepreneurs and tens of thousands of citizens.” They “have equal rights with your oligarchs operating in quarantine mode without compliance with sanitary and epidemiological norms.”

Not only in Cherkassy started to remove the quarantine restrictions. Without the “signal” from Kiev in April to take this step decided the city of Zhytomyr and Mukachevo, following them from the “excesses” refused millionth Dnepr (former Dnepropetrovsk). Cherkasy mayor also supported his colleague from Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsinko.

Determination Bondarenko in any case estimated in most cities of the Republic. Ukrainian mayors understand: the possibility to enter into all the cities of army troops and the National guard have no Zelensky. To make the mayors “to play by the rules of the Cabinet” by issuing decrees and orders – and certainly not succeed. Because of the year of the reign Zelensky managed to destroy the entire pre-existing system of governance. But instead puppets of Vladimir Alexandrovich still did not offer.

If the office of the President of Ukraine will descend on the place team to open against the rebellious mayors criminal proceedings or continue the “game” with funding from local budgets, residents of the regions to respond together “ride” most of the candidates from the ruling party “servant of the people” in the fall elections to local authorities.

Hopes for “labor enthusiasm” of the security forces is also illusory. Long before the confrontation a few senior officials of the Ministry of internal Affairs openly stated: to fight against their own people neither the police nor the National guard did not intend. Now the same mood has passed and the grass-roots level. The interior Ministry is closely watching the protests in the environment of physicians, whose native country, promised for the period of the epidemic monthly 300% surcharges, habitually threw. “In which case” Zelensky exactly the same throw and the Ukrainian police.

Today it became known about the preparation of the Cherkasy regional state administration the claim about cancellation of the decision of Cherkasy city Council for a relaxation of the quarantine. Yeah, directly subordinate to the office of the President of Ukraine insists on re-closing within the regional centre, hairdressers, beauty salons, sports facilities, shops selling neprodovolstvennyh of goods, markets and fairs for the sale of selhozprodukti and flowers, summer restaurant terraces, parks with their rides.

The legal service of the Council on this account the finished counter. Kind reminder about the inactivity of Vladimir Zelensky in the period of mass return to Ukraine of migrant workers from Europe. Specifically: more than 140 thousand Ukrainians work in the countries with the highest number of cases already COVID-19, quietly returned Home without any sort of observation, contrary to common sense. Because of this, the Republic has seen an upsurge of the epidemic – and not because of “excessive independence” of mayors in certain regions.

half an hour ago, Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal reported in Telegram channel about today’s extraordinary session of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. It will be offered to open on may 11, parks, recreation areas, beauty salons and shops, located in the Autonomous areas. A week business-de “will prepare all necessary conditions for safe operation”.