The head of the administration of Alushta, a teacher with experience, Galina Ogneva cursed to live on dogs. It happened during her colleagues report that the beach area is located in the tent “husband, wife, two dogs”, thereby violating the restrictions.

What Galina Ogneva said into the microphone: “damn them, these dogs”. The video spread on the network. The behavior of the teacher with the experience, the mayor condemned. She later commented on his response that “does not correctly Express the idea.”

“I absolutely do not mean anything bad, I have two dogs at home. I apologize if I expressed the idea is not quite right,” said Ogneva.

Earlier, the mayor of Gelendzhik swore at his assistant live instagram, thinking it over. The incident provoked a mixed reaction, but most people were sympathetic to the situation and staged a flash mob in support of it, and later joke about it was broadcast in the “Evening Urgant” on the First channel.