The mayor congratulated the Muscovites with the feast of the Passover

The mayor stressed that the closure of temples should not hinder the festive joy, “for we celebrate the resurrection of the one Who held doors zatvorenii”.

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin congratulates Muscovites with the celebration of the resurrection of Christ and urged them to unite on the background of the situation with coronavirus.

“Easter is the celebration of life, is more expensive which there is nothing. This feeling warms us in the current difficult period, when the pandemic coronavirus infection experienced by an entire world strength”, according to the press service of the mayor and government of Moscow.

He called the pandemic coronavirus – a test of humanity, as in the current situation it is necessary to provide support to doctors, the elderly and anyone who has suffered from the spread of infection.

The mayor again reminded the capital’s residents that they must refrain from visiting temples in a long-awaited holiday, He said he was “sad” to ask about it, but such security measures.

“the Closed doors of the temples should not become an obstacle for the light of Easter joy. Because we celebrate the resurrection of the one Who held doors zatvorenii”, – he said.

Previously to the Orthodox Christians of congratulations in honor of Easter, addressed the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The President noted that the celebration of the resurrection of Christ fills people’s hearts with joy, hope and faith in the overwhelming power of life, the triumph of good and justice.

Easter service in Cathedral of Christ the Savior this year due to the coronavirus took place without the congregation. A traditional procession was held this year inside the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The procession stopped in front of the inner doors of the Church and the Primate welcomed all Orthodox Paschal exclamation: “Christ is risen!”

After the Easter worship services believers break my fast on the eve of the consecrated Easter cakes, curd Easter and dyed eggs.

Easter is most important Christian holiday, it commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This date held special Church services, lit the Paschal fire and will be a meal, in the Orthodox tradition including eggs and cakes.