Burning a police station, smashed shops and tear gas and Molotov cocktails – that is the reality in the American Minneapolis. To curb the outbreak of the black death riots, the authorities had to call for help the National guard. On the streets meanwhile, appear “armed rednecks” and on Internet forums discussing a new far-right American civil war. Experts predict America crackdown, “further totalitarization” and the habit to rebel with arms in his hands.

the Cause of the outbreak in Minnesota unrest – the murder of black men by police during the arrest. The murder of brutal, absolutely unjustified, because the guy wasn’t trying to escape, and no violence had been done – well, tried to pay with a counterfeit check of $ 20.

However, the reaction to this murder was unnecessarily stringent and gave rise to even more unnecessary and pointless cruelty. Minorities and the ultra-left staged in the city.

And while Donald trump with the local Governor argue, is it possible to enter the city, the troops of the national guard, experts predict further developments in the whole of America.

African-American George Floyd was 46 years old when he died as a result of the use by police of strangles during the arrest. The cause was trivial: a man bought a pack of cigarettes with a fake cheque. However, to escape safely from the scene of the crime had not happened – fake quickly figured out, and he demanded the return of the purchase. Floyd refused and left the store. Employees called the police, which was nearby. Eventually, Floyd was arrested near his car.

In General the story was supposed to end. Floyd threatened a couple of nights in “jail” and then fine – the amount of “plunder” was too small to have a serious case. However, it happened a little differently: the police decided to punish the offender and made the arrest hard. The man was knocked to the ground, and a policeman Derek Savin put his knee on the neck.

Floyd asked to regret it, repeating, “Please! I can’t breathe!”. In the end he was begging the police “don’t kill me!” however, the law enforcement officer suggested the man “relax”. Then George Floyd stopped moving and reacting, but Showin not removed my knee from his neck. And held at least another four minutes until a paramedic took Floyd in intensive care, but it was too late – the man couldn’t be saved.

Derek Savin, undoubtedly, the disgrace of the American police. In General, he last was seen in the propensity to fire without warning – he’s killed criminals during detention, and at least three times opened fire on Liuple, for which he was reprimanded.

His companions also passed on internal investigations on excessive use of force, and in some cases were openly dropped.

If people’s anger was aimed directly against Shovina and his companions, this situation would look at least, ambiguous, but people’s anger is like a river overflowed and rushed to destroy everything around.

what began as a peaceful protest quickly escalated into riots and clashes with police. As a result, one policeman was killed, and the land in the third district of the city was burned to the ground – police officers barely had time to be evacuated by helicopter. After the police actually fled, one of the Central areas of the city remained to plunder the Madding crowd.

For the riots in Minneapolis is several organizations that trump at one time rightly called “terrorist”. This ultra-leftist “Antifa” and black “Black Lives Matter”. The first calling for a total restructuring of America, the second to the increasing importance of African Americans until the genocide of all white people, in General, extremely radical organization.

Both of these organizations have repeatedly staged riots, where their supporters are rarely stated without baseball bats and Molotov cocktails.

Not surprisingly, in downtown Minneapolis started a real hell. The house burned and shops looted as the state and businessmen, arranged clashes with the security forces and ordinary passers-by.

took To the streets of the city to repel the rioters. Often it was the people, armed with guns, the Second amendment has not been canceled. This further complicated the situation and put the city on the brink of civil war – people are the most angry and tend to blame the opponents of all their troubles.

meanwhile on the streets of Minneapolis appeared the so-called “armed rednecks” (radnicni, “old redneck,” called the inhabitants of the American heartland, as a rule supporters of conservative values). These strong guys talk about what is collected in arms to protect stores and buildings from looters. It is curious that among them there are a few black people.

Generally, the experts pay attention to which has increased due to the crisis pandemonium online activity American right-wing, talk on their forums about “Boogaloo” is the code name used to refer to “new civil war”, which, according to some extremists, it is ripe America.

And when you consider that many Americans were left without jobs due to the closure of their enterprises in quarantine and are looking for the perpetrators, it is clear that the current crisis serves as a breeding ground for all kinds of radicals. In fact�� for those who are willing to commit violent acts.

But in Minneapolis there was a paradoxical situation, which is regarded as racists and nationalists, supporters of the “Boogaloo” demand justice in the case of the dead black Floyd and praised African-American radical groups.

In this case, hatred of the police and anyone who restricts their right to bear arms outweighs other considerations. In their forums the supporters of civil war writing, what is happening in Minnesota is not a “racial problem”: “We must stand together with people from Minneapolis. We must support them in this protest against the system that allows police brutality to go unnoticed”.

In YouTube there are videos dedicated to the memory of George Floyd, in which are the words that “civil war” has become a reality.

Earlier, commenting on the “MK” events in Minnesota, chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada studies, Vladimir Vasilyev, said that American society “electrified”: “This is due to the modern environment, characterized by epidemiological voltage on the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus, which also involved Minnesota. And here is the point – light a match and immediately flared flame occurred in this case in Minneapolis. The American people is nervous, it is cocked, the exact same growing degree of tension among the population, including due to economic hardship, mass unemployment.”

In this situation ignite protests in other American cities – has been shooting in Louisville, Kentucky, protests take place in major Metropolitan areas of California, and the capitals of the States of Arizona and Colorado.

Can in terms of coronavirus crisis protests spread across the country and growing into something large, we told the General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin.

“At the time there were similar riots in Ferguson. Then this has not led to large-scale events throughout America. It is clear that “drop a stone”, but the situation is regular and quite typical for the United States, especially in the context of the conflict between two major groups of establishment – Democrats and Republicans.

These events occur periodically, and they are changing the election landscape. We can say that one special interest group trying to “try out” another group of influence. Sometimes it takes such exotic forms as the riots. It’s already stoped the riots the national guard and accompanied by a severe restriction of rights and freedoms.

In General, you can expect a crackdown and a further totalitarizatsii USA as a state.

as for the shooting in Louisville and clashes in other�� cities – while this one-time bursts. But the habit to rebel with weapons in their hands came from American citizens. And this is a worrying trend for the current administration.

For trump is a no win situation. If they are hard to put down these performances, they will write down in enemies of the people, and if neither show softness, they are to be charged in this. How not to behave in this situation – for the administration to trump it will be a losing option. So look for the initiators of such a reaction of the population must still in the camp of the Democrats”.