In the Kaliningrad region continued large-scale exercises of the Russian Navy “Ocean shield-2020”. One of the episodes was the destruction of the “gang of saboteurs” who were trying to attack the Baltic naval base.

His training were demonstrated by the specialists of logistics (procurement) of the Baltic naval base. As reported in Department of information support a press-services ZVO on the Baltic fleet, they were repaired conventionally, the damaged missile boat, had treated his crew, and restock food, loaded missile weapon at sea in specially organized points of damage and supply.

to replenish stocks of ships, on the Bank deployed a field warehouse of fuel, with the possibility of single buoy mooring refueling ship and platform trucks with stocks and floating crane.

Also there were flowmasters for repair and refurbishment conventionally damaged ships. Divers inspected and cleaned the underwater part of the ship, freed from foreign objects screws and rudder, organized welding.

All this activity violated probation terrorists who tried to break into the territory. They attacked from under the water and fast boats. Attack of saboteurs have jointly fought off anti-sabotage unit of the Baltic naval base, the marine corps and the military police, responsible for security and defense procurement. The attackers were promptly destroyed by the Marines of the fleet.