a Resident of Japan found on the side of the road the Fox and brought it home as thought it was a puppy. This publication reports The Mirror.

a Man named Marcy (Marcy) published in Twitter a photo of the puppy, which was found on the track and took home. So he was going to find the owners, if the puppy is lost, or find the cub a new home. The foundling he called the Moon.

Many users have responded to his tweet, but most of them pointed to the fact that it’s not a dog. The authors of the review suggested that the Moon is actually a Fox.

to specify the type of animal, Marcy turned to the vet. It turned out that it is, indeed, a Fox cub. Despite this, the man continued to care for him.

But later Marcie found out that to be able to contain the moon at home, since Japan is forbidden to keep a Fox as a pet. The man had to give the Fox farm Kita Kitsune. “I’ll be happy if you come to visit the moon on a farm,” wrote Marcy on Twitter.

Earlier it was reported that in the UK, the Builder took the newborn Fox for a puppy and took him home. The British found Fox brown color on the construction site of the English County of Merseyside.