Chairman Frank, Dierckens, stands up against the wall. KV Oostende, and gave themselves a month to the club’s bankruptcy to the rescue, now the American Pacific Media Group, is retiring as the buyer, and the time is ticking mercilessly.

There will also be a trio of runs may be taken, and interestingly enough, it shows one former candidate-buyer is once again interested. American David Blitzer co-owner of the English Crystal Palace — and his Spanish partner’s well-hat’s off to dive again. They are offered in January and 5.5 million for 100% of the shares, but Dierckens refused for two reasons. He wanted to stay on board with a major retailer and it was assumed – without any evidence – that the ex-chairman, Marc Coucke lay behind the deal.

That suspicion is still there, but it may have been a party, however, is the only remaining solution. Would Blitzer now has 5.5 million more to pay for it, but only 1 in a million for all the shares. Dierckens, would prefer to have 2 to 3 million to get the financial hangover is still somewhat limited. Currently, there are no concrete negotiations.

All of the negotiating with the group a Blitzer in January, though, with Marc Coucke on the 6.2-million-euro debt to the club by the billionaire, and the price of one. Apparently, there was already a basis for the rent of 1.2 million per year would come down to € 600 000 per year.

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