In the Chinese city of Shenzhen, the man fell from the roof of an eight-story building and survived. As informs edition Daily Mail, he landed on a minivan and then rolled to the ground.

on Tuesday evening, July 28, the police learned that 21-year-old young man surnamed Zhang fell from the roof during rush hour. Witnesses claim that the man was still conscious and looked as though he had not received any injuries. He stood up, then sat on the curb and sat for about ten minutes until he was taken to the hospital. His condition is not reported.

“First he raised up himself. But soon he began to sweat profusely and his complexion has changed,” said one of the witnesses. Another noted that the young man was lucky that the van was smooth and the flat roof.

relatives of the victim said that Zhang is a very private person. According to them, he suffers from depression. Police are investigating the incident. Who owned the car, not reported. The locals claim that he was parked at the building for a long time.