VTSIOM presented the results of the survey on the attitude of Russians to the amendments to the Constitution.

According to sociologists, the vast majority of citizens (93%) know about voting on amendments in the Constitution. In March the share of informed Russians was 87%.

The majority (66%) stated that they would participate in voting on amendments to the Constitution. The refusal was reported by 15% of respondents.

“More than half of Russians (61%) who declare their participation in the vote, said that he will vote FOR the amendment. Every fifth of those planning to attend, vote AGAINST (22% – data from may 22),” – said on the website VTSIOM.

The absolute majority believes it is important to make a constitutional amendment affecting the social sphere. Topping the list is the amendment for the state to ensure the availability and quality of care: 95% stated the importance of such treatment.

For 88% it is important to consolidate the regulations on the protection of state integrity and inviolability of borders of the country. For the recognition of the priority of the Russian Constitution over international law are 75% of the citizens. Against 17%.

The majority of respondents favoured the prohibition of dual citizenship for officials (84%).

It is important to strengthen the status of the Russian language as the language of the constituent people 85% of Russians. The opposite opinion is shared by one in ten (13%).

Also in the top of important amendments came the proposal to protect the institution of marriage as the Union of women and men (81%). The mention of God is important for 54% of Russians. The opposite view is held by 39%.

More than half of Russians believe it is important to remove the limit for hold or have held the position of President of the Russian Federation to participate as a candidate in the next election (61%), against a third of respondents (30%).

The extension of the powers of the State Duma of the Russian Federation considers important every second (48%), about the importance of expanding the powers of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation reports almost the same number of Russians (46%). Vs. 40% and 39% respectively.

Earlier, the Rambler reported that the working group on amendments to the Constitution will hold a meeting in the Public chamber on may 30.