the Main oncologist of Moscow awarded the title of honorary member of the American Association of surgeons, the oldest Association of specialists in the United States. The oncologist and surgeon Igor Katkov is the author of over 245 scientific publications and six monographs, Professor, corresponding member of RAS, head of the Moscow clinical scientific center named after A. S. Loginov. Since November 2014 he is the chief non-staff oncologist of the Moscow Department of health.

“the Candidacy of Igor khat’kova will be approved in April 2021. Official statements the Association shall publish only after the applicant receives approval. Honorary members choose annually,” – TASS quotes the explanations of the organization administrator.

today in the ranks of the Association 99 honorary members. This title does not provide for monetary rewards or distinctions. American Association of surgeons that was founded in 1880. It includes not only Americans, but also leading experts from other countries. Its main task, the organization sees the improvement of the status of the profession of a surgeon and providing a wide platform for showcasing the latest advances in surgery.