the Epidemic of coronavirus in Russia may go into decline in June, said the chief epidemiologist of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Nikolay Briko.

“For the last time, there was a slight slowing of the development intensity of the epidemic process infection. So, for the past month the pace of growth in the number of new infections fell from 27 per cent (April 2) to 6.9 percent (may 1), i.e. almost four times. Perhaps there is a stabilization of morbidity with the subsequent start of its decline in the month of June”, – quotes the words of an expert of the “parliamentary newspaper”.

he stressed that the situation with the spread of infection in different regions.

In particular, in the Russian capital “it has reached the third or fourth phase (according to the criteria of the world health organization – approx. ed.), that is, large-scale distribution without a follow-up epidemiological link of the cases,” explained Briko.

the Expert also stressed that the phase of reverse development of the epidemic is usually longer than the growth phase of disease, therefore, a more global Outlook to do now. In this regard, Briko warned against a premature abandonment of restrictive measures as social distancing and self-isolation.