The main disorders of the utilities companies

In 2019, more than 319 thousand violations of the legislation in housing companies, and last year more than 600 thousand.

Prosecutors to resolve violations issued more than 104 thousand prescriptions. In the court of the administering utilities companies brought 24 thousand claims worth over 677 million, 90 thousand offenders received administrative and disciplinary sanctions, said the Prosecutor’s office.

as a result of prosecutorial inspections Horny 1 thousand criminal cases. Among the offenders — the regional authorities, local self-government and control of the company.

Among the frequent violations — the performance of capital repairs of apartment buildings. Such violations are frequent in Mordovia, Chuvashia, Vologda, Kirov, Penza, Saratov, Leningrad region.

Frequent fraud and theft.

for Example, after the intervention of the Prosecutor’s office of Leningrad region in Sosnovy Bor replaced and repaired 150 elevators. The contractor brought the elevators are out of service and has not fulfilled the obligation to install the new one. Against fraud a criminal case.

On similar facts attempts to steal financial resources from the funds for the overhaul prosecuted in Kamchatka, Perm edges, the Orenburg region, St. Petersburg, the Jewish Autonomous region.

utilities-companies often forge documents. In the Rostov region opened 17 criminal cases of falsification of signatures of residents of apartment buildings in the protocols of General meetings.

utilities companies continue to illegally increase tariffs for their services. In the republics of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan and Vladimir region prosecutors revealed violations of the law in setting tariffs for production, transmission and distribution of energy, the ratios of their consumption.

utilities-suppliers provide resources at inflated prices. In Dagestan against gas distribution organizations was initiated a criminal case on the fact of illegal accrual of more than 3 billion rubles Ms.release for the supplied natural gas at inflated standards.

And in the Omsk region of rate the largest regional supplier of thermal energy for 2020 excludes unreasonable costs amounting to more than 18 million rubles.

one of the most frequent violations – the machinations of apartments for resettlement of emergency housing. Prosecutors were prevented violations of the rights of citizens at resettlement from emergency housing in Bryansk, Novosibirsk, Rostov region. Only after intervention of Prosecutor’s office in the Astrakhan region more than 100 emergency apartment houses included in the regional program of resettlement in 2019-2025 years.