From the 21. September will be a lot of dancing on the Theresienwiese in Munich, again on fixed benches, with a foaming stone beer mugs toast, and gingerbread hearts nibbled. To 6. October take the hustle and Bustle. Who wants to be there for the dress code costumes fashion is. Especially for the female visitors of the Oktoberfest, the Styling is important: Dirndl-Trends come and go every year. VIEW shows which models in 2019 are a Must and which should rather remain in the closet to hang. So: Pack ma’s!

Trend 1: High-necked and traditional,

Züchtiger is 2019 at the Oktoberfest and forth. Already in the last years, a Trend has emerged: high-necked and traditional inspired dresses. Mini-Dress with a plunging neckline was yesterday, because such cuts are fast acting cheap.

if you would like to pick up a new Dirndl, grab a model with a V-neckline and stand collar. This cut looks classy and modern at the same time and is reminiscent of the Dirndl from the past. Who wants to leave this year, no money for a new dress to lie, resorts to a high-necked blouse, which makes each dress immediately in a modern and enhancing it.

Trend 2: Muted colors

Even with the color choice we put this year to be less Agitated. Are fashionable delicate pastel tones such as lilac, but also classics such as Blue and Red. Among the Trends are muted shades such as grey, Taupe, Beige, or Olive cavort in addition, these can be combined with each other.

Basically, this year’s nuances should act reserved and classy! Delicate tones are not too Intrusive. From bright Patterns, you should better leave the fingers. With solid-colored models in the classical style is located in 2019 is correct.

Trend 3: Velvet and linen

We say goodbye to top-of-the aprons, the place for parts made from silk. Particularly precious this work in combination with a Dirndl dress made of linen. In addition to the natural Material is also seen Velvet like. The shimmering Material of pure elegance and obscenity reflects yells Firmly.