The magician ball Ronaldinho detained in Paraguay with a fake passport

the Paraguayan police have arrested the world champion 2002 in the national team of Brazil Ronaldinho for the use of forged documents when crossing the border.

Wednesday night in the hotel room of a former football player police conducted a search, during which were found fake passports. Ronaldinho and accompanying his brother Roberto are in a hotel under police custody. It is expected that Thursday will both give explanations to the Prosecutor’s office.

Another man, who accompanied the brothers, was arrested. Ronaldinho’s brother and actively cooperate with the investigation and claim that he cheated them and should be held accountable, according to ESPN.

Caso Ronaldinho: Fue allanada donde la suite est hospedado Ronaldinho. Se encontraron, documentos varios, C. I. pasaportes y paraguayos con los nombres de Ronaldinho y su hermano. Investigacin en curso.

— Fiscala Paraguay (@MinPublicoPy) March 5, 2020

the Former Barcelona player arrived in Asuncion, to take part in the charity event. Earlier Ronaldinho, who completed his playing career in 2018, deprived of passports for nonpayment of taxes.