Under the AI General purpose means a machine, similar to the human intelligence. In other words, it can perform any task that people do.

one More thing – superhistory intelligence. Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom defines it as any intellect that greatly exceeds human cognitive abilities in almost all fields.

the transition to the new level of AI hinder several unresolved issues: there is no clear understanding of what AI for General purpose and what requirements it must meet, there is insufficient knowledge about how our own brain from the point of view of psychology and neuroscience and what should emulate the AI, says researcher for the study of artificial intelligence at Avast G. Alperovich.

Existing learning algorithms, which are widely used in modern AI may not work for the AI General purpose. Moreover, there is a difference between hardware and human performance as initially standard computers were not designed for task AI for General use.

the Expert believes that the development of AI General purpose requires strong interdisciplinary relationships and understanding how human brain works, how he perceives the world. “We are still far from this understanding, even if not to talk about it in the context of AI. But research in the field of AI General purpose can help us learn more about ourselves, including how our brain works, how we communicate with the world and solve problems,” concludes Alperovich.

AI may not learn in the task description or a few examples as it makes the person, explains Ilya Makarov, program Director of the Academy of big data MADE Group. Humanity has no understanding, can we implement a learning AI and how many resources it takes. Makarov believes that neural networks are not capable of solving arbitrary task with perfect accuracy: “People need to seek other approaches for teaching AI. Obviously, this would require a new investment in it industry”.

To create an AI General purpose people do not have enough computing power, says Vladislav Shershulsky, Director of emerging technologies of Microsoft in Russia. He believes that AI is a new level will be in a separate laboratory, and will develop gradually from existing public applications by combining the capabilities of AI narrow purpose. “Millions of users around the world gradually “train” the AI, when you use the simple services like search, automatic translation and image processing,” he concludes.

Nikita Solodun, an expert on intelligent systems Huawei, believes that the creation of AI is a new level of humanacestu prevents narrow-mindedness of their views. People who think differently than most, very little, and until more, to expect that people will be able to create an AI, not worth it.

the Government continues to support the Russian developers of software solutions and plans to increase the volume of investments in the domestic IT solutions by 2030, four times. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko at meeting of the Council for strategic development and national projects. He said that he will continue to support the various domestic companies developing solutions in the field of artificial intelligence.

“Artificial intelligence ceases to be some abstract words. Besides the fact that we continue to support and acceleration of various domestic companies in order that they developed some new proposals in the field of artificial intelligence, are now in great focus and great importance is attached to practical implementation of artificial intelligence in the real sector of the economy, and that is very important, given clientcentered our tasks in the social sphere”, – said Deputy Prime Minister. In his opinion, the key sectors of the economy by 2030 should reach its digital maturity.