Last June, popped in the Valais, the Cork. The Parliament gave the green light for a new railway expansion programme up to 2035 in the amount of 13 billion Swiss francs. This is also the part of the expansion of the Lötschberg base tunnel, for 930 million Swiss francs.

The 35-km-long Lötschberg base tunnel consists of a fully-developed, as well as a partially broken-out tube. The latter is now to be technically equipped so that it is passable. With regard to a distance of 14 kilometers between Ferden, VS, and using wood-WORKING.

no later than 2021, the Expansion is likely to begin. This allows the half hour between Bern and Brig for the Intercity transportation, which includes an important transportation gap. Also the eye of a needle in the transalpine freight traffic will be eliminated with it. So the capacity is increased from three to four trains per hour in each direction. Thus, all of the freight trains can be routed through the base tunnel.

without blocking

But now, the joy of the Valais is clouded! Because with the Expansion of a blocking of the Lötschberg tunnel is associated. The Federal office of transport (BAV) confirmed to VIEW. “The project works have shown that the expansion of the Lötschberg base tunnel, will result in the expansion step 2035 to the ban,” said spokesman Michael Muller.

“How long is this blocking is still an open question and depends on many factors.” The parties Involved were trying to keep the limitations of the “as low as possible,” promises Miller. The appropriate planning is not yet complete.

Bregy: “the Valais is a disaster,”

bells in The Valais CVP-Nationalrat Philipp Matthias Bregy (41) shrill in the face of imminent blocking of the alarm. Of involved circles, he has heard that it could lead to prolonged closure. “The speech is from several months, or even more than half a year,” he says. “That would be for the Valais to be a disaster. It is a complete traffic chaos.”

Bregy reminded that currently, around 50 passenger and 60 freight trains transport the Lötschberg base tunnel to cross more than 13’000 people. “The closure of many commuters and tourists would be affected, which would have to Dodge on the old Goppenstein-line,” says the CVP-man. And that takes, as Bregy has calculated that “The time to travel from Visp to Bern would be around an hour and the from Brig to Bern about a half hour.”

Sommaruga must enter

to the new SP-transport Minister Simonetta Sommaruga (59) he wants to know now, as the Federal government prepared for the closure scenario. In question time on Monday, you should state how long the closure lasts, how the transport concepts look like in this time and what measures are planned to mitigate the bottlenecks.

Depending on the replies, want to Bregy submit further motions. “The goal must be that the Expansion can be without a closure carried out – the Federal government must offer Alternatives.”

Second tubular full

removing The threat of blocking Bregy also provides the impetus for this, a continuous second Lötschberg-tube thinking. Today, about seven kilometres are not broken out. “The Lötschberg Tunnel is a story of success to expect so in the future with even more traffic,” said Bregy. “You start from savings passed on two continuous tubes, takes revenge now. At best, you would have to bring this now back on the Table, in order to prevent the tunnel closure – because sooner or later we come around to the full two-track Expansion.”

Not only the Lötschberg-Expansion of a temporary closure of the base tunnel threatens the renovation of the former munitions depot using wood is likely to affect the transport connection. In the former Depot still 3500 tons of ammunition are in fact – and the mountains is a big risk for the population. The defense Department clarifies to the summer of 2020, as the plant can be rehabilitated.

Should be cleared by the bearing completely, would be “the roads are blocked to the protective measures in place during the Work over a longer period of time,” notes the Federal Council in response to a procedural request from SVP national councillor Franz groups (48, VS).

The defense Department is examining measures, therefore, early structural protection in order to reduce the possible effects before any evacuation of the facility. In its Evaluation of the Federal government to show how the limitations of a possible blocking of the traffic routes can be minimised, “to ensure the important link through the Kandertal into the Valais, to the extent possible”.