The Russian football Union (RFU) published its key financial figures of Russian clubs for 2019. The RFU has been doing it for the second time in a row. However, in contrast to the debut of the publication this time data are not in percentage and in monetary terms. The most secured club is Zenit, the lion’s share of the income of which more than RUB 11.5 billion, runs the article “commercial revenue”. Striking and substantial — in excess of RUB 3.4 bln loss to CSKA. But he, apparently, arose from the need to service the debt owed to VEB. She, after the club became the property of the Corporation, resolved.The Russian football Union for the second time published the key financial metrics for the Russian clubs. In contrast to the report for the 2018, which in absolute terms was recorded only spending on youth development activities, and payments to agents, this time all indicators are that the RFU and the clubs found the key, got my “value” in rubles.Most provided that there was a secret club of Russia is “Zenith”. The incomes of Petersburgers made up of 17.49 billion rubles, expenses — 14,853 billion rubles, and another billion RUB 1,747 minus gave activity in the transfer market (obviously affected the purchase of Brazilian Malcolm Barcelona for €40 million), and in the end, the team has reported profit before tax in the amount of 829 million rubles Of the income items “Zenith” there 1,46 billion rubles received by the club from match-day (expenses that are fans to visit the match with record spending on tickets, food, Souvenirs, etc.). More of St. Petersburg on this article earned only “Spartak” — 1,508 billion rubles. the Rest of the team, even referring to one of the top, are behind the times. For example, “Krasnodar” on the fans earned 643 million rubles, “the locomotive” — RUB 384 million, CSKA — 458 mln. as a result, “Zenith” “commercial income” amounted to 11,562 billion rubles, and, for example, “Locomotive” — 6,3 billion rubles. “Spartak” has even less 3.7 bn. CSKA — and at just over RUB 1.5 billion of special note is “Ahmad”. “Commercial revenue” as expected, equal to zero. This, however, did not prevent them to show a profit of 76 million rubles. thus, the plus in addition to the “Akhmad” more “Ural” (0.9 mln), “Orenburg” (4.7 million rubles), Arsenal (5,27 mln.), “Dynamo” (to 124.7 mln RUB.), “wings of the Soviets” (155,2 mln.), Rubin (488 million rubles), Ufa (301,6 million rubles). Of special note is the “Krasnodar”, reporting on the profit of 1.23 billion rubles Enviable figure when you consider that all income of the club totaled 6,642 bn In the four biggest minus was the red-white — 879 mln Loss rest range from 35 million RUB from Rostov to 253 million rubles in “Tambov”. And then there CSKA, and he is out of competition. Loss army amounted to 3,844 billion rubles That is more than all the other unprofitable clubs, together otatih. What is the reason, is not known. CSKA superproperties in the transfer market not noted. Clean minus the army from the activities in the transfer market amounted to only 370 million rubles. besides, in the season 2018/19 CSKA were in the Champions League and had to earn around €37 million But the club was in a deep red. The only explanation for this is the need to repay the loan taken from VEB for the construction of army stadium. In 2013, the web has opened CSKA a credit line of $280 million for ten years at 6.5% per annum. According to 2018, the debt amounted to more than $250 million But at the end of last year VEB has decided to convert the debt to more than 75% of the shares of the club (the deal was closed in the spring of 2020), so the issue of debt CSKA can be considered resolved.Alexander Petrovic pandemic coronavirus change the face of sports to further tranliterate