The loss of flight MH17: the investigative group discussed the violation of the sovereignty of Russia

International investigators investigating the crash of the Malaysian passenger “Boeing” in Ukraine, considered the possibility of violation of the sovereignty of the Russian Federation in the course of the search witnesses. Confirmation of this is contained in a document published on the eve of a platform for independent journalists Media Bonanza.

This 13-page Protocol of the meeting of the operational headquarters of the Joint investigation group (SSG) in the Dutch city Driebergen 25 January 2018. Among other things, it stipulates that the members of the Dutch Prosecutor’s office “raised the question of the violation of Russia’s sovereignty by reaching out to witnesses who most likely live in Russia without notifying the Russian authorities.” The Belgian side said in response that “I do not see any problem.”

According to the representative of Ukraine, he “does not see difficulties, but must first discuss the matter with management.” Then the conversation comes to luring witnesses and interrogation of suspects in Russia, “without informing and without involving in it the Russian authorities.”

According to one of the founders of the platform, Bonanza Media, independent journalist max van der Werff, the disclosed Protocol is a very interesting document. It is possible to understand how you think the members of SSG how to communicate with each other, what you do, what information have, and what — not.

This is to some extent funny, but at the same time very sad and very incriminating documents, said van der Werff Agency TASS. In particular, where we are talking about the violation of Russian law by luring witnesses and information hiding from the Russian authorities. The participants of the meeting stressed the journalist who openly say they are completely indifferent to the Russian legislation, they are willing to break the law to find evidence.

Another founder of the platform, Bonanza Media, independent journalist Ian Urlashov, draws attention to other interesting and important points in the Protocol. This, in chaparticularly, the discontent of the Dutch side that the security Service of Ukraine “in fact, not doing anything” despite the fact that, according to the Dutch themselves, they depend entirely on the information provided by the SBU.

Also on satellite images, according to the participants, there are three points, but they say they are not going to go into details and study them to avoid confusion. It may be the remains of a rocket, wreckage, or they may be military aircraft. However, the investigators prefer to completely ignore this question and not to explain these three points in satellite images in order to avoid speculation and conspiracy theories.

the document also stated that there was no evidence of manipulation of data from Russian radars from Russia, but from the Dutch side it is proposed to use the results of the analysis of these data in favor of SSG with the involvement of the media.

Monday, March 9, in the Hague, begins the process in the case of the Downing in 2014 over Ukraine “Boeing” “Malaysian airlines”. According to Ereshova and van der Werff in their possession many more documents, but they will be published at a later date. The Bonanza Media check the facts and want to see what the prosecutors will present in court. Independent journalists are sure: they have quite a lot of materials that can be contrasted with the evidence of the accusers.

17 Jul 2014 the Boeing-777 Malaysia Airlines, carrying out flight MH17 Amsterdam — Kuala Lumpur, was shot down in the skies over the Donetsk region of Ukraine. Killing all aboard the aircraft 298 people.

a Joint investigation team to investigate the causes of the disaster, which includes representatives of the Netherlands, Malaysia, Ukraine, Belgium and Australia in September 2016 reported that the Boeing was shot down by a missile fired from anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”.

In 2017, the SSG said about belonging “Buck” to the Russian 53rd air defense missile brigade, stationed in Kursk, and in 2019 it is called the four suspects of involvement in the death of an airliner: it is the Russians Igor Girkin (Shooters), Sergey Dubinsky and Oleg Pulatov and Ukrainian Leonid Kharchenko. All four declared on the international wanted list.

the Russian side the assumptions about his involvement in the collapse of the Malaysian “Boeing” rejects.