but All mixed up in the house of Windsor. Good old England, sosulivka into something incomprehensible by the name of Brickset and ottolknuvshis with a hook from the European continent, has today become alien to the millions of its citizens. So-called "island mentality" didn’t work. The gap with Europe, which for 47 years has been perceived as something like your own home for millions of people in the United Kingdom, is a great loss. A serious loss can turn now to Britain’s departure from the country of hundreds of thousands of people who have applied for a second citizenship in the EU.

The number of Britons who became citizens of the EU countries today amounts to a figure with six zeros. As a rule, well-educated and highly qualified specialists, which in the EU countries are ready "to tear with hands". As noted by the British "guardian", Brickset provoked such a large-scale Exodus from Albion sought in EU specialists, what you would observe is that later the strongest economic or political crisis. British migrants today included in the category of most vysooplachivaemuyu professionals, giving their salaries only Austrians and Americans.

Held on this account studies at Oxford University and four institutes of Berlin found "seismic shift" in the mentality of United Kingdom citizens living abroad, as these should decided to take his passports of the European Union. Today, emigration from the UK to the EU increased by about 30 percent, compared with figures before Brekzita. The number of Britons living in EU countries and intending to passport member countries of the EU increased overall by more than 500 percent, in Germany – by 2000 percent.

Today, the European Union has about 1.2 million Britons. Brickset, which became economic and humanitarian shock to the Albion, has forced its citizens to go on an unprecedented high degree of risk, making their lives anew. I can confirm this with the example of my housemates, whom I recently accompanied on a constant residence to Spain.

An elderly couple receiving a good pension, because both had held senior positions in reputable companies, sold the apartment, Packed and said goodbye to the homeland. My question is not too risky move they do, my neighbors said that they are not risk – risks itself Britain signed up for the adventure Brekzita.

Millions of British retirees now living in the southern edges of the European Union, are in limbo for fear that their stay will not provide them after Brekzita medical care, refuse to transfer their UK pensions into the local banks and will be deprived of any support. In one�� Spain live today, about 380 thousand British citizens. To return to his native land for most expats is not possible, because their UK houses and flats were sold upon departure to another country. The vast majority of these people voted against the break of Britain with the European Union.

In Europe run by qualified professionals that will be a loss for Britain

Dr. Daniel Auer, one of the sponsors of the joint British-German research about changes in the migration of British citizens after the referendum in 2016, held many interviews with living and working in Germany "Albinoni". Auer came to the unequivocal conclusion: Brickset compelled the British to make such high risks that previously would have been unthinkable to imagine.

As emphasized by sociologists, the British show today, as never before, impulsiveness and willingness to take risks, before not peculiar to this nation.

A considerable number living in the EU the Brits had to settle for less than at home, work. As recognized by the IT employee who moved last year to Europe with his wife and three children, "I begin to wonder, am I too underestimated the risk of my decision?" the Nature of this new type, designated by sociologists as a British European, yet not fully explored.How will blend of European Brit in this definition is still not an easy issue for the displaced. A favorite expression of British – "there is no better place than home". Alas, this wisdom in today’s Britain isn’t working.


But living today in the Albion European citizens do not have to stand in line in front of borders – their EU passports provide best freedom of movement in the EU and in the United Kingdom. As for the "natural" the British, the condition of their residence and employment in the Eurozone is the need to obtain citizenship of the country in which they settled. Otherwise, the settlers of Albion will not be able to qualify for work in any other country of the Eurozone.