The St. Gallen justice of is, until today, vehemently, that Urs Hans Von Aesch (†67) was the abduction of the young Ylenia alone.

Also, because the investigators had to do it to the Kidnapper in a mystery. The pensioners had no clear motive for the crime. And it always remained open whether the death Ylenias intended or simply was a tragic accident.

to get to the mysterious Goings-on Of Aeschs and possible behind the men on the ropes, and have been allowed to shy away from the investigator, no effort. But they did obviously. VIEW research bring to light that witnesses found either not to or simply not serious, were taken!

As we confronted the police, no one wanted to take a position. The case was closed. Point.

Here is an arrogance in the game that can not allow the investigators in view of their puny results. Even if since the incredible fact, it’s already been almost twelve years, have to go to the authorities once again about the books.

Ylenia deserves to know the truth. And the Public a full explanation.