The long-awaited zero: in China is not fixed nor one new internal infected with coronavirus

In mainland China for the day not recorded any case of domestic transmission of coronavirus, reports the South China Morning Post, citing a report by the authorities. The country still was 34 new infected, but they brought dangerous Luggage from abroad.

in addition, the case-fatality rate dropped to single digits a day from the” Wuhan pneumonia” died 8 people. The total number of deaths from the epidemic of the coronavirus has reached thus 3245 people. The total number of infected is 80928 people. The number of recovered 70420 patients.

meanwhile, the number of victims of coronavirus in the world exceeded 8.7 thousand people. The number of infected — 206 thousand. Over the past day there were 18.5 882 thousands of infected and fatal cases.

In Italy, during the day, the numbers increased to 35713 infected. The number of deaths during this time increased by 475 employees: up to 2978.

as for other countries with large-scale spread of the coronavirus in Iran, the number of cases has reached 17 631 (1135 deaths), Spain — 13716 (558 deaths), France — 9134 (died 264), South Korea — 8413 (84 fatalities).