has around award in the name of Eduard Uspensky. Despite the request of the daughter of the writer Tatiana, who accused father of domestic violence and asked them not to call his name the award in children’s literature “a Great tale”, the organizers decided differently, taking into account the outstanding literary achievements of the assumption, whose books have become classics for millions of children. Today chose the official logo of the award. It was the work of the designer from Khanty-Mansiysk Anastasia Zhukova.

In 2006, Gamal graduated from the Khanty-Mansiysk Institute of design and applied arts. She has many awards, and last year she won the design competition for the logo for the 44th world chess Olympiad in 2020. To award them. The assumption Zhukov created the illustration – galchonok with a book.

As told to “MK” member of the jury, Illustrator Olga Monina, the winner was chosen by voting and the opinions were very different. In total on competition have sent more than one hundred and twenty logos of them selected ten.

In the short-list, once agreed, but the winner was controversy and different opinions – says Olga Monina.

the judging panel also included were the chief-the editor of the book Recommender portal “Biblioid”, literary critic Natalya Kozlovskaya, a children’s writer Andrey Usachev and widow and heiress of Edward Uspensky Elena Uspenskaya, people’s artist of Russia Viktor Chizhikov. The winner will be paid a cash reward of 50 thousand rubles.

Recall, may 25, daughter of Eduard Uspensky – Tatiana turned to the Director of Russian state children’s library Maria Vedenyapina with a letter in which he asked not to assign children’s literary award “the Big story” his father’s name. In the appeal she wrote about the author of “Cheburashka” as follows: “My father was very ill, committed to a lifetime of domestic violence, it was his system of relations in the family… It was physical, psychological, emotional abuse, constantly repeated to me as his daughter, my mother, his wife, his grandchildren, the children of another wife (well-known TV presenter Eleonora Filina), etc.”.

Library, their intentions are not refused, and soon sent a reply address to the daughters of the writer. It noted the merits of Eduard Uspensky in the field of children’s literature, which was the reason to name the award in his name. “The organization of the award and all his other cultural and educational activities of the Russian state children’s library is guided solely by the creative achievements of children’s writers and illustrators of children’s books, not taking into account their personal qualities”.