Lionel Messi is a powerhouse.  He is the epitome of football and a true Argentinian football legend.  The football king has been signed and happy playing for Barcellona FC since his early football days. His current salary stands at 26 million annually, and yet the La Liga champion wants to move from Barca and head over to a new start.  Who will Messi sign up with? Will he stay at Barca or join the English Premier League as predicted?  We asked some bookmakers their thoughts, here is what they told us … 

What is the next move?

The rumors started swirling about Lionel Messi wanting to leave Barcelona since the day of the 8 -2 defeat against Bayern Munich’s quarter-final match on the 16th of August, 2020. The football scene had already started talking and lined Messi to football teams such as Inter Milan (+1200), PSG (+1400), and even Manchester United (+2000).  These are the most probable moves for La Pulga Atomica …but when it comes to Messi, potentially more clubs will seek the player, after all it is the best football player in the world we are talking about.

During August, Messi informed Barca that he would like to be released from his contract with Barca on a free transfer basis. To Messi dismay, Barca has debunked the clause and advised the player that a free transfer is not on the table and Messi would need to pay or play out the rest of his Barca FC contract, along with having to advise his teammates about his wish to leave the team unit by June. Many have speculated as to why Messi would like to move, after all, the player has been donning the Barca T-shirt since the day he reached his 13th birthday. Is he just bored?  Would he like to end his career with somewhere new? Is he too old for the fresh Barca players?  Is he upset that he has ranked the 8th most scoring striker in La Liga having scored 22 goals in 28 games?

Messi clapped back at Barca, in what seems to the beginning of a never-ending saga to come. The footballer claimed that due to the world facing the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the dates on the said contract should be thrown out, and he would be allowed to leave as he pleases. We are not sure who is right and who is wrong, what is clear is that the bid to land Messi could see a potential future club forking out a massive 700 Million Euro to release the player and sign him up. This move would eliminate any future legal woes that could drag out for years …and obviously would see the player sign up faster to the potential bidder.

One of the top contenders to sign up Messi are indeed Manchester City. The club, a fair believer in Fair Play, feels they can afford to sign up for the football star without having to face legal matters. Whilst Messi has reached the 33 years mark, Man City believes that they could have Messi play for a solid couple of years, despite his age. Alternatively, Messi could get signed up with other clubs owned by City Football Group, and thus finish off his football career with either New York City FC or even a Major League Soccer Club in the US.  A US move could mirror the end of careers by other football legends such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic or even David Beckham.

Only last week, City marked the Messi bid with a potential trade of 3 of their current players to Barcelona to secure Messi.  One of the said players is said to be none other than Gabriel Jesus.  Such trades are relatively rare and could go down in football history. Rare or not, Manchester City are pulling all the rope to sign up Messidono (a nickname that reflects the football similarities between Messi and Maradona)

The Spanish media is already speculating and posting stories online about the Messi saga. Journalist Miquel Balzquez reported that an official statement by Barca is imminent and that Messi will move from his home club very very soon. He asked everyone to keep track of all Barca FC’s social media channels.

Barcelona want Messi to stay 

The question that lingers is one: Do Barcelona want to part ways with Messi?  The club and Messi have a long history that stems over 20 years, and sporting Director Ramon Planes insisted that his club has already made plans to include Messi in the upcoming football season. He explained that ‘the marriage’ between Barca and Messi was always a fruitful and happy one, with Messi having a huge fan base following. The bottom line, the team wants to retain Messi until the end of his career, yet, they are happy to find a solution for both the club and the player.

Another strategic move by Josep Maria Bartomeu sends a stern message.  The Barcelona president offered his resignation in the hopes of retaining Lionel Messi at the club. That is how much Barcelona wants the player to stay.

What are your thoughts?  Will Messi stay or will he go?  Where will he go?  Place your bets dear gambler, cause the show is about to start!