The limit can be carried out remotely using your credit card to pay without requiring a pin to enter, it is increased to 50. The decision was announced last week and on Tuesday the force confirmed that the bankenfederatie Febelfin.

up Until now, you could make payments up to 25 euro, for non-contact processing, without your pin code to be entered. But that is the limit of the corona virus will be doubled. “Contactless payment is the most hygienic way to get your purchases paid for in this time of coronacrisis. You don’t have the keyboard of the payment terminal does not have to become in order to make the payment,” says Febelfin.

It will also last for up to a maximum limit of 100 euros to several contactless payments in a single day, there is a pin that will be required. Now, is that the cumulative limit is still at 50.

“This order remains in effect for as long as necessary,” says Febelfin is still there. Consumer organization Test-Purchase has called for the limit for contactless payments after the crisis, which would have to be scaled back.