Today, in the area of responsibility of the company there are four Federal resort, more than 300 resorts, guest houses, balneary, bases of rest and children’s recreation centers.

– the Statistics of previous years shows that every year the resorts of the North Caucasus Federal district is visited by more than two million visitors. Traditionally, the most popular places for tourists is of Caucasian Mineral Waters, Dombay, Arkhyz, Elbrus and Tsey. Therefore, on behalf of the head of “Russian grids” Pavel Livinsky, the specialists of the electric grid complex focusing on objects and networks, providing electricity to the resort and tourist companies. At the power facilities are planned engineering activities and unscheduled inspections of the equipment, – says General Director of “rosseti North Caucasus” Vitaly Ivanov.

for example, on Stavropol branch employees “rosseti North Caucasus” – “Stavropolenergo” – performed repair and replacement of equipment at substations 110 kV “zelenogorskiy”, “White coal”, “Essentuki-2”, “Zheleznovodsk”, supplying electricity to the famous resort towns of Kislovodsk, Yessentuki and Zheleznovodsk.

the specialists of the branch “Ingushenergo” had a major overhaul of a transformer substation which is connected to the outdoor lighting of the road leading to the resort area dzheyrahsko district of Ingushetia.

In the Chechen Republic energy JSC “Chechenenergo” supply electricity to the resort “Sernovodsk Caucasus”, children’s health camps in the Shali, Shelkovskoy districts and all-season resort “Veduchi” – the first ski resort in the country, located on the slopes of Mineduc. In areas where the located data objects, in full carried out repair and maintenance work, reconstruction of nearby networks 0,4/10 kV.

– a Large amount of work has already been done by the staff of the branch “Sevkavkazenergo” in North Ossetia. At the substation 110 kV “Alagir” repaired power transformer 10 MVA, sectional, tire and linear disconnectors. Supply centre supplies power to the Republican children’s rehabilitation center Tamisk. At the substation 35 kV Tsey, which supplies electricity to the eponymous camp, touristic complexes and bases in Zeiskam gorge, energy completed repairs of the power transformer. In the near future the specialists of “Sevkavkazenergo” will start to repair the equipment at the substation 110 kV “Fiagdon” Kurtat gorge and the supply centre of 35 kV “Ossetia” in the capital of the Republic, – said Vitaly Ivanov.

Specialists of “rosseti North Caucasus” in the area of responsibility of the branch “Karachaevo-Cherkesskenergo” initiated the preparation of power facilities in the popular resorts Arkhyz, Dombai and Teberda. Unplanned ProvEden on the Central distribution point “Dombay” in the same ski village.

– This object is the only source of supply of the resort, where annual vacations to half a million tourists and has about 70 hotels and resorts. In the supply center of energy had replaced two transformers for its own needs, which provide the relay protection, fire extinguishing systems, means of rapid communication and remote control. Failure of this equipment can lead to full repayment of the substation and cause the development of serious operational disturbances in networks, – said General Director of the company “rosseti and the Caucasus.”

Reliable supply of electricity to the resort facilities on the territory of Dagestan is ready to provide employees of the Dagestan network of the company. From the networks electricity supplied three sanatorium, boarding house and resort. They are also provided with backup power supply.

In the branch of “Russian grids North Caucasus” – “Kabbalkenergo” scheduled repair of eight transformer substations, more than 20 kilometers of networks of overhead lines for reliable power supply of the resort zone of Elbrus region.

– this year, most likely, the flow of tourists to the resorts of the North Caucasus will increase. The power plants of our company are ready to cope with the increasing workload, adopted all the necessary measures. The staff involved are currently in the technical work on these objects, are fully provided with necessary means of individual protection, – said General Director of “rosseti North Caucasus” Vitaly Ivanov.

specialists of the company “rosseti North Caucasus” from the beginning of 2020 is already repaired equipment on 524 substations in the regions of the North Caucasus Federal district. Conducted a complex of works the company invested more than 50 million rubles. Primarily this involves the preparation of power facilities for the upcoming autumn-winter period to ensure reliable power supply of consumers of the macro-region in the season of peak loads.

“Despite the regime epidemiological limitation, all repair work on high voltage substations are realized in time. Our experts in the most responsible approach to the fulfilment of professional obligations as fully aware – of their work depends on a stable power supply to residents of the region”, – said acting first Deputy General Director – chief engineer of the company “rosseti North Caucasus” Victor Abaimov.

Vitaly Ivanov: the Specialists of “Russian grids North Caucasus” pay special attention to the provision of electricity in the resort and tourist agencies.

In the company of “rosseti NorthNYY Kavkaz” in an unusual way inspect the equipment at the substations and high voltage transmission lines – with the help of thermal imagers. Such devices show in which the nodes and details of a fever. This suggests, that in this place there is a high probability of failure and professionals should pay particular attention. “The thermal imaging survey is one of the modern methods of diagnostics of power equipment, which allows at an early stage to identify latent defects in its work. The test equipment specialists of the company do not de-energizing lines and substations that allows to suspend power supply of consumers at the time of the work”, – told in the company.