Since the beginning of August in Russia begins to act a number of new laws and changes. In particular, the country rises in gas prices and change the construction requirements.

From August 1 Russia begins to regain international air service. Open granicus UK, Turkey and Tanzania. The flights will be operated from airports of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-don.

In August the three categories of pensioners will increase the payments. Indexing will affect working pensioners — their maximum increase will amount to 279 rubles. Recipients of funded pensions payments will increase by 9.13%, while the participants of the program of co-financing of pension savings by 7.99%.

From August 1, Russia will raise natural gas prices by 3%. It was assumed that prices will be increased in July, however, the FAS has suggested to postpone the indexation because of the complicated economic situation.

Also, since the beginning of August, Russia reduced the number of construction Standards. There will be a new list of standards for safe construction. A new document will be less previous — total number of requirements will decrease by 30%. The objects that started to build before the entry into force of the amendments will apply the former requirements.

Later, from August 24, will be extended the tariff corridor CTP. The minimum and maximum cost of the policy for individuals will be changed to 10% for companies and 20% for taxi — 30%. It is expected that the changes will allow more flexibility to set rates for drivers with different levels of risk.

In the last month of summer will be saved payments to doctors working with coronavirus patients, reminiscent of RNS. In addition, citizens are left without income, will receive three thousand rubles for each minor child.