Many fashion magazines in the midst of a pandemic coronavirus dedicated their releases medicine. Many of those who struggled with the disease on the first line and saved lives, have appeared on the pages of gloss or in fashion campaigns, in other cases they were devoted to the projects with participation of stars or charity event.

But as the period of isolation experienced ordinary people who followed orders and didn’t come out in popular culture is not particularly demonstrated. In the American edition of Harper’s Bazaar decided to correct this defect and chose the topic for glamorous shooting the most mundane motive — usual household life. I will say that it’s boring? But not when it takes over Rihanna! That is a 32-year-old singer and designer, who recently presented a skin line of cosmetics, became the heroine of the cover of the September issue.


the footage of the photo shoot, the star recreated the moments of the experience of quarantine, and in these pictures everyone can recognize themselves: Rihanna takes out the garbage, screwed the bulb and with pleasure looks at the refrigerator.

However, of course, not without its more familiar to fashion magazines stories and, of course, spectacular outfits. On the cover of the new issue Rihanna posing in a yellow coat and dress by Bottega Veneta and also the white shirt from his own brand Fenty and jewelry from Maria Tash and Anabela Chan.

Recall that recently, the name Rihanna is more common in the context of the industry of beauty and fashion: she regularly releases a new collection of underwear, is promoting its luxury brand LVMH and represents a new beauty product.

But fans continue to wait for new music Rihanna. Last year was supposed to go R9 album, but the release again moved for an indefinite period. According to insiders, work on the album is given a celebrity isn’t easy, but she continues to give hope to its fans, assuring them that music is her main passion and the album will be “faster than expected fans”.