the Project of the Ministry of Finance of Russia “enhancing financial literacy and developing financial education in the Russian Federation” has been implemented since 2011. At the same time identified two pilot regions: Kaliningrad oblast and Volgograd oblast. In 2013 they added the Republic of Tatarstan, the Altai, Krasnodar, Stavropol edges, the Arkhangelsk, Saratov, and Tomsk region.

the NAFI Study showed that the regions involved in the provision of financial literacy demonstrate the best momentum indicators compared to the national average.

thus, an increase in the proportion of respondents correctly understanding the ratio of “risk – return” when selecting financial products. In the pilot regions of those 71%, in the participating regions – 69%, in Russia as a whole – 66%.

In the pilot regions aside some money for unexpected expenses 37% in the participating regions – 36%, in other regions – 25%.

In the project’s regions grows and the share of those before making a credit services compares the conditions in different organizations: in the pilot there are 81% in the participating regions – 64%, others 57%.

it is Also interesting to note that in the project’s regions and the Russian average in comparison with previous years the proportion of people who know where to turn if their rights in the Bank or insurance company violated (the CPS, the Central Bank, judicial authorities, etc.). The pilot is 52%, in regions-participants – 47%, and in Russia as a whole – 39%.

the Leader of the Kaliningrad oblast, has started the implementation of the Federal project on financial literacy was one of the first in the country. Then, the region had a lot to create from scratch, including the regulatory framework and the structure of the control program. Subsequently, the results of this work have used other subjects of the Russian Federation. As for the audience participants of educational projects, and in recent years has grown in the most Western Russian region dozens of times.

the Secret is that activities aimed at improving the financial literacy of the population, not implanted from without. The power selected civic initiatives of educational institutions, libraries, expert communities and implement them using grants.

For example, in the Chekhov library of Kaliningrad in the regular, free courses on financial literacy for everyone. The latter was launched in February this year, and during the General isolation of being transferred to the online mode. Expert – known in Kaliningrad financial Advisor Michael Cochin – tells how to plan finances, to form a “safety cushion”, to invest, to protect themselves from financial scams and unnecessary loans.

the Kaliningrad region for the second year in a row is a leader in financial Gras��of otnesti of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. According to the study NAFI, the highest level of financial literacy in the Kaliningrad region showed men and women aged 45-59 years, people with higher education, qualified specialists and managers. The lowest level of unemployed (students and Housewives), people who don’t use financial products in rural areas. In 2019 the index of financial literacy of Kaliningrad reached 13.22 points in the nationwide index of 12.37 points. The index itself is calculated on the basis of respondents ‘ answers to the questionnaire. In the survey two years in a row attended by 85 thousand respondents across the country.

Good performance and Arkhangelsk region, which is involved in the project in 2014. Since then, northerners have become much more competent to manage their own budgets.

In 2019, the index of financial literacy of inhabitants of the region, compared with the previous year, increased from 12.29 to 12.53. Thus in such important indicators as the formation of savings, savings in the form of deposits, usage of Bank cards, cashless payment, the use of mobile and online banking, indicators of Arkhangelsk region Russia as a whole, – said the Minister of Finance of Pomerania Elena Usacheva.

Classes on financial literacy in the region are for people of all ages – from preschoolers to northerners “silver age”. Best indicators children and young people. Last year the program was attended by more than 260 thousand inhabitants of the region.

In the Volgograd region financial literacy training covers different age categories: from small to large. Students explain how to use the pocket money for them, conduct the Championships, where they measure acquired knowledge with their peers. This year the contest was held, of course in remote format.

Information about common methods of fraud, the specifics of lending and other important things I try to convey to each locality. Work teams, which organize courses at local schools or clubs. And the lesson comes as local residents and neighbouring villages – the group takes the bus.

Volgograd even works regional School counselors financial literacy. On a competitive basis took 113 people – get to the finals, of course, less. Most of them are students of the pedagogical University (still working with children is first and foremost their profile), several students of the medical school and six teachers of school camps.

I was just wondering for overall development. I wanted to learn something new. Sometimes felt lack of knowledge in this area. Go in store – there may be a strange situation. Of course, problems �� electronic payments I had, but I need to clarify where and in what cases it is necessary to turn. But the older generation are difficulties. I’ve had to help my grandmother, – explained his interest in school counselors a future teacher Svetlana Varkulevich.