If anyone knows, TikTok – super popular among students and youth platform. It literally “breaks” the Internet. The whole trick – in game format: you need to keep videos short to popular music or with your voice. Memes, jokes, skits, dancing, challenges – to get to the top of any video.

the Main thing – to catch the wave of hype, as did 69-year-old physicist and PhD in technical Sciences from St. Petersburg Nikolay Milovanov. His most popular video has collected more than two million views. Over a month – almost a million likes. At the canal he read a rhyme about logarithms, the energy of the photons, gamma rays.

– Why study physics at TikTok – cool? This is an opportunity to show the guys that get a new knowledge is not boring. Although the episode is not serious about the study of physics, and the invitation to the learning process, – told “RG” Nikolai Milovanov. – Students like my work, they usually say that it is useful and interesting. Colleagues? You know, someone admires, someone is not. But honestly, I don’t care. Important reactions of the audience.

Nikolay Milovanov – professional tutor in school not working, but once I was engaged in scientific work in St. Petersburg state University. In the comments to his videos – a storm of emotions! “Grandfather, what are you doing…”, “I think if something teaches, it is going to get fired…”, “Can I have this teacher, please!”, “I will go to University after graduate school to teach, I also dance!” On the wave of hype the rising star “Tiktok” are already starting to contact advertisers.

– don’t react to it. Prepare online courses for students in physics and mathematics, says tikekar.

for the popular social network a huge number Okolovrasten content. There are students, there are Tutors who have decided to earn extra money and gain new customers. But there are teacher-bloggers that really work in school. For example, an English teacher from Belgorod, Andrey Fedotov. He takes dance and parody videos on school themes, together with their students-high school students, leads a page not only in the “Tictoc”, but in “Instagram” to “YouTube”, “Vkontakte”. The popular video “Where’s the homework?” typed in different social networks already more than seven million hits.

– We have learned to find something interesting even in everyday school routine – he said “the Russian newspaper”. – It helps me not to burn out as a teacher, to be with the kids on the same page. Yes, the first was the glances. Recently, for representatives of education enshrined attention. But, viewing our content, you will see all videos and texts are completely harmless.

Andrei Fedotov does not hide: as with any popular blogger, undertakes to remove and commercials. But carefully selects the content.

– As a teacher take only about 5% of all incoming orders. Yes, earnings on my social networks exceeds school salary, but that does not prevent me to do my work well, – he said. – For me, school and a blog is one huge work project. Without school there would be theme of my blog and without a blog – for a relationship with the students.

How to treat this? Everyone decides for himself. The question “What teacher can afford, and what is not?” – supersubjective. Some teachers are faced with the fact that the headmaster does not understand them.

– I’m retired, so the school has no authority over me, – says a teacher of Russian language and literature from Tyumen Love Garaz. And the line in the TikTok is defined by decency and good breeding of every teacher, no Mat, no below the belt jokes, no vulgarity. If the teacher failed to attract the public’s attention with his intellect, then other methods should not do it.

Love Garaz worked at the school for almost 30 years. Became a star this spring when the kids began to study on distance. Admits lives in fear online, and then because quarantine had to take in his head. With filming help her sons: Junior offers a youth music and decode slang. Senior invents scenarios of the rollers. Most popular videos – rap on the theme of the exam on the Russian language. “On arrival, on arrival, on arrival – will lead you to the wrong outcome! On arrival, on arrival, on arrival – that is so unmistakably better answer!” “Yo!” Background is a simple bit – and now more than 1.7 million views, the movie “severoceska”.

Alikhan Dinev, “the Teacher of year of Russia-2018”, the teacher of social studies Grozny:

– There are two main reasons why this phenomenon – teacher-blogger – is gaining popularity. First, teachers are people too. They sit in social networks, use instant messenger, too, want to be part of the digital world. This is a global trend. Second, the teachers are trying to be closer to the children. And the children live in social networks. For them the virtual world is not just important but the most important part of life. Interaction with students through videos and blogs – an attempt of the teachers to please them, to understand them, look in their eyes more modern. The person you want to listen the job which you want to perform. And, of course, do not forget about the coronavirus pandemic, which pushed us distance learning: the role of social networks and various applications in education has increased dramatically.

it is Important that the students looked on “YouTube” is not meaningless or vulgar videos from questionable characters. It is important that people know that the Internet is their teachers that are reasonable, interesting and useful content. About the fact that “can do a teacher in social networks and what they can’t” – this is a very difficult and delicate question. It depends on the internal culture of the teacher. Each of us has this view. And different people, and even in different regions of our great country these views may not coincide. Yes, the teacher may be simple, may be in some degree relaxed. But there are certain “red lines” of the cross which he has no right. The teacher must always remain an example for their students.

And Yes, certainly among more than a million Russian teachers have been or will be those who, for whatever reason, behaved in social networks incorrect, wrong, stumbled… the Main question is, where exactly are these “red lines”. Their borders are often blurred. A couple of years ago the whole country was rocked by a scandal when a teacher from Barnaul posted in Facebook a photo in a bathing suit. Hundreds of teachers across the country acted in its support, began to spread in social networks photos and videos with the hashtag #whiteshield. We do people too often wrong. Our task – the task of the school parent community, to help a teacher to support it, together to find a solution. And not to get rid of a teacher because the first unhappy comment or call the parent Director.