Seven-time champion Formula 1 (F1) received a severe brain injury, riding on mountain skiing in the French Alps.

Injury Schumacher turned a comatose condition, which lasted six months. After he came out of the coma, information about the state of his health to a wide audience reported very rarely and very sparingly. So in April 2014, the representative of Schumacher announced that NASCAR driver at certain moments comes to mind. 16 June of the same year was followed by encouraging news: Schumacher out of coma, has left Grenoble and moved to Swiss hospital.

9 Sep 2014 he was discharged home from the hospital. In December 2018, the British “daily Mail” reported that the former racer is not confined to the bed and he did not want to use the tubes to breathe and eat. In July last year, a former Ferrari Manager Jean Todt announced that Schumacher has made “good progress.” In September 2019, the legendary racer was treated in a Paris hospital Georges Pompidou, where he received transfusions of stem cells that reduce inflammatory processes.

as soon As it became known from reports in the British media, the operation Schumacher will hold a French Professor, cardiologist Phillip Menashe. Professor Menashe said: “the Aim is to restore the nervous system of Michael”.

In an interview with the French newspaper “Le Dauphine” neurosurgeon, Dr. Nicolas Akkari, said: “Over the past 20 years, science has made great strides in stem cell treatment. But it doesn’t change the fact that we still know little about the human brain”.