The leader of the

the Founder of the French movement of the “yellow jackets” Eric Drouet withdrew from the exhibition centre Porte de Versailles in Paris, when there has arrived the President of France Emmanuel macron. This center currently hosts the annual international agricultural salon.

As explained in the Elysee Palace, Drouet stood at the stand with grain products, when there began an unauthorized protest. The presidential guard asked the man to leave, citing the decision of the Prefecture, which prohibits any demonstration in the exhibition area. The ideology of “yellow jackets” refused to leave, so it was taken out of the pavilion power. Drouet’s lawyer said that his client was arrested, RIA Novosti reported.

According to French media, this week Drouet repeatedly appealed to his supporters to come to the international agricultural salon to Express the Macron dissatisfaction with his policies.

large-scale protests of the “yellow jackets” continues in France for the third year. Saturday’s protests often degenerated into riots and clashes with police.