during the protests and riots outside the Parliament building in Belgrade the leader of the opposition movement Sergei Trifunovic smashed his head. The crowd in front of the Assembly someone smashed his camera, according to RIA Novosti.

Presumably, the reason for the attack was his refusal to boycott the parliamentary elections on 21 June. After that, says the Agency, began to criticize his former colleagues in the opposition. According to the leader, the protesters can deliberately discredit the action and provoke conflicts.

“We came here to support the protest, but the place just before the Parliament was occupied, as I understand it, the supporters of (the right) traffic, “Leviathan”, all in black, brave, when a lot of them. And something happened, what happened, did not see who and how they beat me,” said Trifunovic.

Police use tear gas against protesters. Those, in turn, throw the law enforcement road signs, debris, stones and fireworks.

On 7 July in Belgrade there are protests against quarantine measures imposed by the government, Serbs stormed the Parliament building in protest. A small group managed to break through a police cordon and break into the parliamentary building but were pushed back by police. After the arrival of reinforcements, security forces used tear gas to drive away the crowd from the Parliament.