The leader of the group Little Big Ilya Prusikin proposed to rename the coronavirus

Exactly what in show business is called the song that can relate to you usually within a day or two after listening, you unexpectedly begin to sing in the street, in the store, the crowd of passers-by. Hit the Uno group Little Big turned out to be just so, although not all the fans liked from the first listen.

“Viral hit” – a rarity. Many composers and poets dream to write a song, but few succeed. Because of techniques and methods to compose such a track does not exist yet.

what do all the hit-makers: from Paul McCartney to Sia and Igor Matvienko.

it’s all about luck and that melody was simple and old. Uno was exactly like that!

And the voice of the soloist of Sofia Tayurskii – at the same time Flirty, sly and Cutesy – also help for success. Especially when combined with a haughty and foppish tone of the Ilya Prusikin.

Photo: Eurovision Song Contest/ what song Uno group Little Big

Out on one side – yard teenage song, and other glamorous dance track for clubs. Also – a rare combination.

Maybe because the number of video views Uno on the official channel of “Eurovision” in the YouTube Mar 16 at 18:30 was a record amount of 25 million 745 thousand 812!

From the second place in terms of views Azeri Efendi, the gap is huge. This dark-haired beauty and her hit motion picture “Cleopatra” hits “only” 1 million 952 thousand 777…

coming in third place grinders Victoria and her atmospheric ballads Tears Getting Sober is 1 million 470 thousand 849.

Other participants even further. And it seems that every day the Little Big advantage over rivals will increasingly grow.

Such is their CorUNOvirus.