The lawyer of the family of the victim Ephraim denied millions work relatives Zakharova on TV.

Previously, producer mark Rudinshtein said that every relative of Sergey Zakharov, who was killed in an accident with actor Mikhail Efremov, receives 350 thousand rubles for one talk show. This was written by “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

In an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, who represents the interests of the family Zakharov, said that he doesn’t know that.

“as far As I know, they refused the money. I once upon a time, a month ago, asked the question [about a talk show and earnings — approx. GM] and received a negative answer, at least from those whom I represent. I don’t know, I was never interested in other people’s money unlike some”.

The accident occurred on 8 June. Mikhail Efremov, being very drunk, drove his jeep into the oncoming lane and crashed into a van, whose driver died in hospital due to blood loss. The artist himself was not injured, he was sent under house arrest until August 9. Ephraim threatens till 12 years of imprisonment.