a Attorney Michael Ephraim spoke about the trump card that will prove the innocence of the actor in death of the driver. In addition, he announced a press-conference on which will tell you how the court interfere with his advocacy. About why he considers the case of Ephraim the lightest in its practice, for which he earned the status of “major reshaly” and why does the business of star — Elman Pashayev said in an interview “Газете.Ru”.

the — You did not just say that they prove in court the innocence of the actor Mikhail Yefremov, despite all the evidence of his guilt. Where such confidence?

Elman Pashayev: I’m not a fortune teller. Documents are studied, look at the materials of the criminal case. Unlike some, I very well understand – after all my professional activities, I am a criminologist. Still amused by the fact that not so long ago this same investigator, who leads the case of Ephraim, I from custody was released that someone hung two corpses. And then all one.

the — i.e. you have evidence that the result will put everything in its place?

— Of course. But I will give trump card immediately. First, we listen. Many people think that I have someone behind the wheel planted, I will say that Ephraim at the wheel did not exist. Fantasies around very much, but they are not true. Especially the other side likes to assume how I’m going to “cover” defendant. But it’s not true. There’s at least the cameras were everywhere – I don’t know what you have to be to faced with a fraud to do.

— On the opposite side I talk every day – but only through journalists. Well, seriously, Yes — already talked to Vitaly, the brother of the deceased. And with my son. But somehow one gets the feeling that they are like God prayed that he was gone, and now I think: “it’s good that it happened.”

— Previously, no one at all with the deceased did not communicate. Here, even when he died, everyone called, and they found a sea of excuses not to come. But only turn on the television and began to offer money immediately, Oh my God. He’s still in the freezer was lying, and relatives already in the channels ran. So against them I was very confused by the word “victims” — need to always clarify, you are talking about. The mother of the deceased and the wife can only be considered as such, and even then only partially.

the — What are the overall expectations from the process – will Ephraim star status? Or because of the resonance will be judged with special strictness?

— Of course, I want an acquittal. But, frankly, my dream. Yet the entire show and the star status of Ephraim only really interfere with my work. Would be a different person, I would have long since destroyed this criminal case.

the — whether to call the case of Ephraim the most challenging in your practice?

— It is Ephraim — the most simple in my practice. It's true. Just inflated like it was the case of the century solved. You don't know what business I'm in. Tell them it can't, but trust me – everything will end very easily.

the — by the Way, why didn't you come to the meeting, which took place in the case of Ephraim 29 July? Specially stalling?

The judge scheduled a hearing for July 29, but no one took into account my workload – I was in business trip in Novosibirsk, which gave help to the court. We immediately wrote a petition with a request to postpone the meeting for any number except 5 and 10 August. And how do you think the judge made? Scheduled the meeting for August 5. Probably thinks I'm going to postpone. But I have the same thing Ephraim is not the priority, they're all the same to me. Therefore, I will not do that. Also, I know very well what purpose this is done, and doesn't allow this.

— Suffer a little. On Monday I'll talk to the President of the court and will explain it all. Now don't want to do worse and to wash dirty linen in public. This is not my principle. Then I will hold a press conference that very good – they all tell what the judicial system. The whole system is rotten old. It is time to change, get rid of the corruption and cowardly.

the — In 2014, You have been deprived of the status of a lawyer after the scandal of divorce family children. When you regained the status and how?

— Return the status – absolutely no problem. It's not for life. It takes three years, and you quietly pass. Even the next day.

the — media claim that after the revocation of the status of lawyer you still have provided legal services to the clients. Is this true? If not, then what did you do during that period?

— While the status was not, I was still able to advise, direct, help. The law firm I belongs. When there is no status bar, I can't protect suspects, defendants, defendants. But it is civil and arbitration proceedings can lead, as a lawyer. They do not require the status of a lawyer. Without him even easier – no one to prosecute, to restrict in any way. And advocacy is strictly limited – a step right, a step to the left threatens to stop status. You can't even say what I think.

the — Why do you always take the controversial case: that Vasilyev, Alexei Panin, then Katya LEL, then Ephraim? This professional interest or you have some special relationship to the stars?

— The cases are one thousandth of those things that I actually do. Just someone who makes their scandals, and those who did not. For me there is no such thing as a slam-dunk case. There's just the work of a lawyer that I have th��TNO and in good faith to do. There is no other.

the — different sources indicate different price for Your services, but all as one, claim that hiring you advocate is very expensive — from 5 million rubles. Why Your services are valued so expensive?

— The price depends on the result. I'm working on it. If something does not work, I return the money. Otherwise, why would I need one? My experience is 20 years. Previously in law enforcement worked in some pretty serious organization. And in the hot spots were, and correspondent, by the way, worked. All together and gave the status that I have now.

the — you got a case of fraud and extortion — many customers have also threatened to apply on the same articles. This kind of campaign against you?

— Do you know law enforcement, exactly as a result of my activities.

My partner, with whom we are in a group business, only in the last six months has freed eight people from custody. Four criminal cases were discontinued. Unlike some, I do not shout about it on every corner. Education is, Yes, in my professional activities I am a daring person, but actually very modest.

No one believes that I actually honestly benefit all its processes – no wonder they latched on to me the nickname "chief decide of the country." The result, which I give, is so far beyond all expectations that around and then ask questions: how much did you pay and where?

— I have a life that I just smile. Even when I pour dirt. You should treat everything with humor.

Honestly, in any business you must be professionalism. I can put as a show, but if I go into the matter of illiterate and poor talent lawyer, let everyone know that I am. On TV, of course, very well possible to imagine. But in the courts-so that's out.

the — have you ever thought to retire? Can affect it lost a high-profile case?

I carry those moments when you lose in court. For me it is a tragedy, the whole day I can't get over it. Treat our work very seriously — I'm like a drug addict at the bar. To do anything and that studied in Russia, Europe, USA and Japan.

the — Many lawyers use the media as a tool of pressure on the course of the investigation. Do you do this?

— You need to have free time to even think, dream, plan, build. I'm happy that I managed to at least five hours sleep, and even it is not.

on Your behaviour is also perceived as rather eccentric. How such tactics are generally useful in high-profile cases of stars?

In my activity there is no concept of "stars". I as a surgeon – he's not you��iraheta method of operation depending on who operates. I have no priorities. For me, all my principals, defendants are the same.

the — You said PR is not important. No guile here?

— Self-praise can only help those who have problems with their clients. But I from their customers literally hang, where I have PR. At me already many people are offended when I refuse to do business – say zazvezdilsya, the TV glow. And almost no one realize that actually nothing has changed. I roughly can protect ten people. 11 but did not take. I am now 83 criminal, arbitration, civil, family cases. You know, what burden? Runs at 150-170 cases. However, I can't take it, and then delegate it to someone, while he'll walk as a parade float.

— Treat with great respect. Even if mud poured – the court does not serve. My position is this: if someone slings mud at me, but this way earns money and brings the family, so I did a good thing. Doesn't matter how.