The lawyer explained the persecution Todorenko after domestic violence

MOSCOW, 28 APR — RIA Novosti. Due to the spread of information and knowledge about domestic violence many people pointed out the presenter Regina Todorenko on error, and did not agree with the view that the victim needs to think about his behavior in the first place. This was stated by head of the Centre for the protection of victims of domestic violence, attorney Mari Davtyan in an interview with “Izvestia”.

Todorenko was at the center of scandal once said in an interview with People, Talk, women do take responsibility for being victims of domestic violence. In particular, the presenter asked what the victim did to her was not beaten. Fans of the presenter was outraged by this statement. They urged her to blame those who perpetrate the violence, not their victims. Todorenko later apologized for his statement.

She noted that when a person talks about the guilt of the victims in the incident for an audience of millions — it carries negative consequences.

the “shake hands”, in her opinion, should be people who use violence.

the day Before PepsiCo decided to withdraw ads from TV presenter Regina Todorenko from the air, and to change the design of social networks.