The law prescribes the procedure for cancellation of digital powers of attorney

At the present time are particularly important remote procedure. Legal life does not stop, however, a lot of Affairs have to solve through electronic channels. Amendments to the Civil code provide the legal framework for wider use of digital powers of attorney.

Photo: iStock Notaries will maintain a register incapacitated

Not all know that the electronic power of attorney can be today to write without the involvement of a notary. To do this, the citizen needs to have its own enhanced electronic signature. In practice, however, there is a problem: issuing a power of attorney, it is difficult to withdraw. The procedure is too cumbersome and does not guarantee that someone will not be able to put this authorization in the course issued against the will of its citizens.

Now decided to entrust the Federal notarial chamber to keep a register of revoked digital powers of attorney, issued by citizens themselves. Access to the database will be free and round-the-clock.

“the Speed of propagation of new digital formats of civil turnover is high, and today it is important to provide citizens and businesses a convenient and reliable mechanisms of the circulation of powers of attorney in electronic form, including the issues of abolition of such powers of attorney and inform all interested persons about such facts, – said the President of the Federal notary chamber Konstantin Korsik. – Notary has long been confidently operates on digital technology and is willing to provide the desired electronic services”.

Notaries perform all preventive requirements to prevent infections

of Course, reliably executing the power of attorney at the notary, both paper and electronic. Any notarized power of attorney can be made online to check for authenticity: it is sufficient to go to the service check doverennosther on the official website of the Federal notary chamber and to drive the details of the document.

a verification Mechanism warrants, issued without the notary is not there. Therefore, it is necessary to take special care when you submit a power of attorney without a notary stamp.

Also in the Federal notarial chamber “the Russian newspaper” explained, in some cases, the notary may act as an intermediary for remote solutions for any structure. For example, there is a separate notarial act – transfer of documents specific to physical and legal entities.

Through a notary can send the documents in electronic form for registration of a legal entity in FNS, as well as for changes in the Unified state register of legal entities.

Photo: Victor Vasenin To notaries began to actively apply for instant transmission of documents

By transferring the payment to the escrow account of the notary to ensure the timely payment of the debt or loan, if the lender is closed, not working or somehow evades receiving the money and interest go. You can also avoid visiting the Bank to settle the transaction if you use the notary’s Deposit.

Free for citizens, the notary will send an application to the Federal registration service for registration of property rights on the notarized transaction or through inheritance.

in addition, with the help of a notary to ensure the repayment of the debt through a writ of execution, bypassing the court and a personal visit to the bailiff.

If the money given by notarized agreement, that if the payment is not enough to come to the notary, he will put the Executive inscription and will send the documents to the warden. For police officers this inscription equivalent to a judicial decision: it is necessary to execute.

it is Hardly necessary to explain what a difficult time. A court has suspended a personal reception of citizens, but life is not completely stopped. Even in the remote form, but many of the legal processes continue. Someone even at this time, trades, sells or buys property. “Today formalized the sale of expensive apartments, people went to this year and delay were not”, – told in one of notary’s offices.

Especially important is the work of notaries in this period for business. Now, many notarial acts connected with the business processes issued shares in the company, loans, options, etc.

“I can say that without the timely intervention of a notary business can stop, the company closed, and in fact any company – it jobs. That’s why notaries should work even in this difficult time”, – experts explain.

the notaries comply with all sanitary requirements. Federal notary chamber has released clarification on the work of notaries in connection with the measures taken on the territory of the Russian Federation to counter the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.

the Activities of notaries are made with regard to preventive measures and recommendations stated by the competent authorities. Premises offices processed disinfectants, antiseptics purchased.

Some offices are equipped with devices, disinfecting the air. Citizens are asked to send the documents in advance. And this is best done remotely.