Hong Kong was transferred to China 23 years ago. Initially it was about the transition period of 50 years, when mainland China has pledged to respect the freedom of the inhabitants of the former British possessions, in accordance with the formula “one country – two systems”. However, in recent years, Beijing launched an offensive on freedom of Hong Kongers, which led to the protests. In response a bill has been passed, actually equating the protests in Hong Kong the shares of separatism. Provided for severe punishment. And under the new laws, there are the first arrested.

Hong Kong is faced with a new reality after the Central government of China adopted a radical law “On national security”.

in fact, this law has deprived the region of its autonomy, civil and social freedoms, and also strengthened the Board of Beijing over Hong Kong.

Critics of the new law believe that in accordance with it can be nearly any dissatisfaction with the Communists and their order to qualify as terrorism, separatism, and the threat to China’s national security.

the Wording in the new law as vague, which allows for virtually selective repression. But sentences are not just great: now for the protests against the Communist party of China will be behind bars for life. First and foremost, it concerns the protests in Hong Kong.

the law, the Chinese side wanted to take a very long time. An attempt to push such changes were undertaken in 2003, but then the people of Hong Kong began a mass protest against such measures, and Beijing did not dare to the execution of the power of the script. Now the situation has changed and China is willing to use security forces to enforce the law.

the date of the adoption of the new rules is not accidental: they are approved in just a few days before July 1. On this day falls the traditional surge of protest activity, it is the anniversary of the transfer of the region by the British to China. On the first day of July, many residents of the city come out to the street to Express their disagreement with the line of the government in Beijing.

Fearing that they may become a target in accordance with the new law, several political and activist groups in the city was officially dissolved before the introduction of the law.

the store Owners tore down posters supporting the anti-government protests, and many citizens were hastily deleted the posts and accounts in social networks. Also now in Hong Kong the surge of ideas on immigration are new rules not liked by many, and the protest was extremely dangerous: the Beijing Communists are ready to apply the most stringent measures.

However, several hundred Hong Kong residents still came out to the streets to Express disagreement with the new laws. Their hard met police. Police used pepper spray and water cannons and dispersed the protesters using physical force.

there was Also made the first arrest and will be prosecuted under a new law – the same one where the terms up to life. A man was arrested with a black flag, which in China is traditionally perceived as a symbol of independence of Hong Kong. However, as noted particularly observant viewers at the first of the detainees after the signing of a new law for “separatist” flag was supposedly young characters the inscription, which is the phrase “I do not want the independence of Hong Kong”.

he was Also arrested the woman standing with a sign “Hong Kong Independence”.

As reported by Chinese newspaper Global Times Wednesday it produced about 370 arrests, 10 of which are for violation of the new law.

When it hit the 7 were in the performance of official duties of the police. One of them got hit with a cold weapon from one of the rioters, and three were shot down by a motorcyclist.

As warned by the Chinese media, “anyone who organizes, plans, commits or participates in any of the acts by force or threat of force or other illegal means to undermine state authority, should be arrested in accordance with the decision taken on Tuesday by law. Anyone who has committed a serious crime and found guilty, should be sentenced to life imprisonment or to imprisonment for a term not less than 10 years, says the law. A person who actively participates in the crime should be sentenced to a term of three to ten years in prison, and other participants shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years, short-term detention or restriction of freedom”.

it Seems that the new law “On national security” means the end of the autonomy of Hong Kong. Earlier, the civil liberties of Hong Kong included the right to freedom of Assembly, freedom of press and freedom of the courts. Opponents of the law believe that under current conditions all of these freedoms are under threat.

However, the Chinese government believes the opposite: “If we wanted to introduce the principle of “one country – one system”, it would have been much easier. We could directly apply the Chinese criminal code, the law “On Prosecutor’s office” and the law “On national security” to Hong Kong. Why do we have to go to such measures to develop the law “On national security” for Hong Kong?” – says the Executive Deputy Director of the Chinese management on Affairs of Hong Kong and Macao Zhang Xiaoming.

In turn, opponents of the law believe that the new rules virtually eliminate d��clearway China principle “one country – two systems”. Human rights group Amnesty International said that the law “poses the biggest threat to human rights in the modern history of the city.”