One of the three planned for 2020 launches of Russian carrier rocket from the spaceport in French Guiana postponed until next year.

It was planned that Soyuz from French unit CSO-2 will be launched at the end of may, but the training for the runs terminated due to the closure of the spaceport in connection with the epidemiological situation. Scheduled for a December launch of two Galileo navigation satellites postponed, RIA Novosti reported. However, the reasons for this decision are not specified, the Russian space Agency to comment on the situation refused.

The Falcon Eye satellites-2 and CSO-2 postponed to 1 October and 6 November from 15 September and 15 October, respectively.

Wrote earlier, the us company SpaceX has postponed the launch of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 with 60 small satellites Starlink. The message on it appeared on Twitter, the company. The launch was planned for may 18 at 10:32 Moscow time, however it was moved to may 19 at 10:10. The reason was the need to avoid the same time, launches from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral.