due to the regional climate change during the summer period squally winds and sudden weather changes. About this “Russian newspaper” said the head of the Situational center Roshydromet Yuri Varakin.

“That is typical for both the past and upcoming summer is the number of zonal transports of air masses from West to East. So will the waves of heat and cold, block the process, when the temperature can drastically rise or fall. The temperature can rise or fall during the day from 10-15 degrees. For example, from plus 25 degrees to descend immediately to 10 degrees. Conversely, after 20 heat may occur 30-degree heat,” – said Varakin. According to him, this should be ready. These weather events can be forecast over 7, max 10 days.

the Weatherman said that storms, squally winds, raising the level of the river, jump in the air temperature in the summer is traditionally possible in the foothills South of the Krasnoyarsk territory, Khakassia, the Irkutsk region – in the Eastern and Western Sayan. Typically, such natural disasters occur in late June and July.

On the Northern Caucasus, in the basins of the rivers Kuban and Terek – also from-for storm rains the water can rise in July and August.