For 25 years, designer François Beauregard’s style has been minimalist. Jackets, shirts, dresses and pants for women are always well cut, quality materials, and everything is made in Montreal.

“Simplicity is so chic and you can’t go wrong,” he says during our visit to his shop. Located on Laurier Avenue, it is frequented by loyal customers who invest in quality pieces and who have followed him since his beginnings. Because François Beauregard made a name for himself in 1997 with his Space FB store in Cours Mont-Royal then on Saint-Laurent Boulevard where people snapped up his hoodies, t-shirts, tracksuits and other basics.

His hoodies bore his signature, a small embroidery with his fb initials. “It was madness!” It worked very well, it must be said that it was before the arrival of Zara and H

Since then, François Beauregard has kept the same philosophy, he creates collections of simple clothes that fit well and are well made.

François Beauregard’s style is refined and at the start of the season, he is offering one of his classics in his new spring collection: the shirt-dress. It comes in blue, black, pink, green and light denim. There are also elastic waist pants, jackets, t-shirts, cotton sweaters and “Oxford” style shirts.

“It’s easy, chic, comfortable and wearable everyday.” I like natural fibers. I will also receive linen clothes for the summer, an oversized jacket, pants and a dress in particular. There are a few pastel colors this summer because it feels good to put a little pink, but usually it’s navy blue, gray, white, black,” says the designer.

“The best compliment you can give me is when a woman tries on one of my clothes and she says, ‘Wow, the fit of the shirt is perfect, it fits really well’, and they keep coming back because they’ve had compliments,” he says.

The François Beauregard boutique is located at 204, avenue Laurier Ouest. The collections are also for sale online.

Notice to those who like to have punch on their feet, Robin des bas announces the launch of the most colorful socks in its history. Accustomed to collaborating with local artists, the Quebec company offers us a collaboration with Marc-Olivier Lamothe. After receiving carte blanche, the artist from Sherbrooke transposed his universe onto the three models that make up this mini collection called Les pieds dans le jeu. Robin des bas gives, for each pair sold, a pair to people experiencing homelessness. through a partnership with Accueil Bonneau.

Ambassador for the Fondation Jeunes en tête, Quebec designer Guillaum Chaigne is launching ECHOES, a new spring-summer collection through which he wishes to “open a dialogue on the different specters of bipolarity and the demons that inhabit us”. He unveiled the content Thursday in a video that features 15 of his friends dressed in his creations, pieces constructed in an essentially dark palette, characteristic of the style of this self-taught designer. Entirely handmade by Guillaum Chaigne, in his workshop, they are made of California linen and cotton entirely woven and dyed in Montreal.

Wassselena Bilak has been quite creative and productive lately. A new piece does not wait for the other on his Instagram account. Between the new necklaces, the numerous pendants on ribbons, the underwater-themed earrings and other bewitching ornaments, the choice is vast. Several of these jewels, including those from the new Underwater Vision collection, are on sale on the site, but to allow fitting and to encourage encounters, the jeweler opens her workshop once a week, on Thursdays, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. h. You have to send a private message on the Instagram account to know the address of the studio, located in Mile End.