“Nobody is perfect”, says Stefan Gubser (62) at the end, no one is perfect. Tonight he is identified as Reto Flückiger in the final of Lucerne “the scene of the crime” (SRF 1, 20.05 PM). To understand the impossible, this last sentence as a self-commentary on the eight-year-and 17 cases from Central Switzerland, which he has solved with his lesbian work colleague Liz Ritschard, played by Delia Mayer (52),.

Gubser was Reprimanded until the very end, the German media were constantly on him and the Swiss cases and criticised the lack of pace. “Who’s in the Public eye, is not, of course, is again and again confronted with things that match sometimes the whole of the facts. With time, the fur becomes thicker, and it is with his more cautious,” says Gubser to do so.

Gubsers favorite case

Not a few critics felt his playing often as a little agile and immobile. Gubser yourself, whose former Boss, Ingrid Deltenre (59) was responsible, that the SRF of 2011 also produced their own “crime scenes”, identified the guilty, by nature, elsewhere. “I have often read, that there is a lack Flückiger on corners and edges. How was I supposed to play if the Situation and the Emotion was in the script?”, he complained in the “NZZ”.

There, he proved his quality sense. The famous One-Take episode of Dani Levy (61), in the KKL in Lucerne, he praised as “my favorite case”. Although he worked in it – in the FCL-camisole and Badeschlarpen – uninspired how rare.

Thin templates were an ongoing Problem. Also, because the clerk fought until the end with the SRF requirements. As Co-author Felix Benesch (56) yesterday wrote Saturday for the Finale on Facebook: “the result is perhaps a teaching example of what can come out of it, if there are many seats at the table, all the want this ultimate special, no one wants to trust the other, and each is at a maximum. Not unusual when watching TV, ( … ).”

New projects for the “commissioners”

Gubser himself has arranged the farewell. “At some point, it is enough and time to move on to new Shores,” he says to the Tele. “At first, I thought that I then, if the ceiling falls on the head, but luckily it was the exact opposite.”

Together with a colleague he founded a company for readings and theatre productions. And first he goes on a sailing trip. And the assignor Delia Mayer is soon to be seen in the Netflix series “Unorthodox” and promotes her singing career. “The show must go on.”