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What is the story?

Based on the novel series “The Uthred Saga” by Bernard Cornwell, takes us back to the series in the Viking-time. For the first time, was broadcast from the channels BBC America and BBC Two, before the Netflix secured a part of the rights, and the second season is even co-producer.

What is it?

The noble Englishman Uthred of Bebbanburg is kidnapped as a child by Danish Vikings and large drawn. As his foster-father, Ragnar is betrayed a few years later by his own countrymen, and then dies, can Uthred flee. He returns to his roots and makes his claim to be right, to be Earldorman of Bebbanburg. However, his uncle, held in Uthreds absence, this Position does not even think about the throne. So hand decides Uthred short an Alliance with the Alfred, king of Wessex. In doing so, he is obliged to defend England against the North men. For Uthred this means, however, against one’s own friends and Acquaintances to fight.

Who are the main actors? RolleDarstellerUhtred of bebbanburg Alex Ander DreymonEalswithEliza Butterworth BeoccaIan hard aethelwold Harry McEntire Ragnar Tobias SantelmannBridaEmily CoxAlfred the great David Dawson Leofric Adrian BowerOdda the Older Simon Kunz, Lord UthredMatthew guthrum thomans W. GabrielssonOdda the younger Brian VernelMildrithAmy WrenUbba ragnarsson rune TernteEssylltCharlie Murphy General info ProduktionslandGrossbritannienErstausstrahlung10 Macfayden.10.2015 genre action, history, drama language: German, English, French, German subtitles German, English, French number of Staffeln3Anzahl Episoden26Episodenlängezwischen 52 and 59 minutes Altersfreigabe16+ The VIEW:

“The Last Kingdom” assumes a rather tough beginning. You have to be up to the third Episode of the first season by fighting until one is properly arrived in the series But from there, it goes up steadily and the story begins to gain tension. Soon the viewer begins with Uthred and his companions join in the excitement, wherein you can decide, however, whether it is on the side of the Vikings, or the English.

However, the Show comes to the Vikings-series-classic “Vikings”, “The Last Kingdom” forced to compare masses.

rating: 3 out of 4 stars

What is it about the second season?

In the second season, it is Uthred still not his birth succeeded right to the throne of Bebbanburg, against his uncle’s claim. But before he can take the fight to Bennanburg, Beocca a task for him. Uthred is one-eye by the Christian Danes by the name of Guthred from the captivity of the infamous Viking Sven. But Guthred has his own plans and don’t want to shrink back, not in front of lies and intrigue.

there Are other important actors? RolleDarstellerGiselaPeri Builder haesten Jeppe Beck LaursenAethelredTobby RegboAethelfledMillie BrandyGuthredThure Lindhart Here is the Trailer of the second season:

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What it is in the third season?

In the third season wanes, Alfred’s health with dramatic speed, and also his dream of a United England. For better or worse, Uthred has to take the reins in the Hand. But the next threat is already waiting for him, because the Danish Warlord Sigrid is just waiting for his Chance to be able to England to tear.

there Are other important actors? Role of actor Sigurd BluthaarOla rapace Edward Timothy InnesSkade Thea Sofie Loch Naess Here is the Trailer of the third season:

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there Will be a fourth season?

The Streaming provider Netflix has still been no official confirmation about a sequel. However, the Cast and Crew has already made some hints that it will be very likely to go into a next round. A definite commitment is pending.