the Last fully intact ice shelf in Canada due to global warming has hit the Arctic ocean. Scientists said that just a couple of days the shelf has lost almost half of its area, causing large ice island was in the ocean.

the Researchers said that the 4,000-year-old ice shelf Milne located on the edge of Ellesmere island, just two days lost 43 percent of its volume. From the shelf broke off a piece of ice the size of about 80 square kilometers – about 20 square miles bigger than Manhattan in new York. Experts say that melting Arctic sea ice may result in sea level rise, but also poses a serious threat to endangered species, including polar bears habitat which depends on the presence of ice.

“the Temperature is above normal, the sea breeze and the open water in front of the shelf glacier – all this has led to its destruction”, – stated in the message of the Canadian meteorological service.

According to scientists, this summer on the shelf was five degrees warmer than the average between 1981 and 2010, which led to exceeding global warming of two to three times higher than the rate of growth. According to experts, the Milne glacier and other ice shelves in Canada proved to be unsustainable and will disappear in the coming decades, according to CNBS News.

because of the pandemic, scientists have not studied the shelf, when he split off a glacier and watched it through satellite images and technology. “We were lucky that we were on the ice shelf when it happened, otherwise our camp and all the equipment would have been destroyed,” said researcher Derek Mueller of Carleton University in Ottawa.