The last case of the death penalty women in Finland: Fink Martha Koskinen did not repent (Ilta-Sanomat, Finland)

Martha Koskinen (Martta Koskinen) — the last woman executed in Finland. “I’ll keep my word until my last breath” — she wrote last night of his life.

a Real treasure. So the writer Timo Kalevi Forss (Timo Kalevi Forss) characterizes his new book “Unforgettable letters from Finland” (Unohtumattomia kirjeitä Suomesta).

it provides a hundred notable Finnish letters.

Among them — the love letters of the war years, letter to a future famous writer of Katie Cetto (Katja Kettu), letter Kyllikki Saari (Kyllikki Saari) pastor Kauko Kanervo (Kauko Kanervo), as well as letters Mannerheim, Hitler and Churchill.

“For writing the book, I was inspired by foreign example,” laughs Kalevi Forss.

“Sean usher (Shaun Usher) wrote the book “letters of note” (Letters Of Note) — the letters that changed the world. We decided that we needed to make a Finnish version of this book about the Finnish reality”.

Forss wrote a book a year.

“I decided to reflect Finland’s history through letters,” he says.

the letter is the date: 26.09.1943. Last night before the execution of Martha Koskinen. 46-year-old seamstress writes to her half-sister Kerttu: “I am calm because my conscience is clear. I believe that someday everyone will know the truth, and justice will prevail”.

Martha Koskinen was the last woman to be executed in Finland.

on the last night before the execution, Martha wrote letters, as was customary before the execution of the sentence. She wrote four letters.

“I chose the letter she sent to my half-sister Kerttu,” says Timo Kalevi Forss.

Martta Koskinen was exposed in December 1942. She received sentence for transmitting information about the location of Finnish anti-aircraft batteries bombed Helsinki Soviet squadrons.

Working as a seamstress for a long time was a good cover. No one suspected Koskinen espionage.

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In the years of the continuation War (Soviet-Finnish war of 1941-1944) Martha Koskinen had reported the Finnish Communist party (Suomen kommunistinen puolue), which operated clandestinely. She also was a conductor and assistant of the Finnish deserters.

Until the last minute she was still loyal to its ideals. “I had once written that, thinking about his fate, can’t blame, hate or talk about revenge,” writes Martha Koskinen on the last night of his life a half-sister Kerttu.

Timo Kalevi Forss amazed at how Martha Koskinen was sure in its path.

“Recent events have only strengthened my confidence, and while I don’t see any other way than that,” she writes on the last night of his life.

the message has a lot of life wisdom and experiences.

“Perhaps most touchingly in the end of the letter, when she writes about children’s sister, that often recalls kids Kerttu, says Timo Kalevi Forss. — She is grieving that they were unable to give them Christmas gifts, because they already were in jail. Martha hopes that they will not be left orphans.”

Remorse heand not experiencing. On the evening before his execution, she writes: “I could live on and change his mind, but I’ll keep my word until my last breath”.

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