the heads of major U.S. companies, including banks and technology giants, formed a group whose goal is employment of members of minorities in new York. This writes Reuters.

the Board of Directors of New York Jobs CEO Council, which includes the heads of 27 firms, seeks by 2030 to hire 100 thousand people from low-income black, Latino and Asian communities. The number of companies — Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and others.

“the Economic crisis exacerbated economic and racial differences. Most suffer from it are young people from low-income families”, — said General Director of JPMorgan Chase&Co Jamie Dimon.

the Council on employment was formed after the death of 46-year-old African American George Floyd, who in may passed away after a hard arrest by the police. This has caused a wide public resonance and has forced many American companies to rethink their approach, giving minorities equal opportunities to work.