There are political Action on such a deep level that you do not want to deal with actually does this – out of self-respect. But what if such phenomena are for villainy, the man believed to be a thing of the past? And if you develop even a propaganda effect?

So it is with the Apple poster of the SVP, the maggots in the colours of other political parties – the SPS and the FDP and CVP and the greens, which have infested a crisp fruit with Switzerland sticker.

The earned Democrats the Confederation: nothing more than vermin?

What would be the journalistic Echo, would promote the Italian Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini, the SVP of Apple for its rights Lega? It would be the confirmation: Salvini is a fascist.

What would be the Echo, would advertise the Thuringian party leader Björn Höcke, the SVP of Apple for its AfD? It would be the confirmation: Höcke is a Nazi.

but the public reaction is, if the SVP is their political competitors as the disgusting vermin? The media show embarrassed: Indecent the picture was tasteless, “bireweich”, as in the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” was.

that’s all.

More Bettina Richter, curator of the poster collection of the Zurich Museum of design, says: “of Course, a continuity with the fascist Poster art can be found therein. But all of this is not new, but happened already posters in many former SVP, however, graphically virtuoso.”

The SVP is the largest party of Switzerland. It is considered to be bourgeois.

As citizens, the rule of law is compatible with totalitarian imagery?

The military most prominent Propagandist of the Swiss people’s party trumps in his magazine: “of Course, provocations are mostly indecent, filthy, often shocking, sometimes disgusting,” but it is only “the substance of the message”.

the end justifies the means!

Saw the propagandists of fascism in Italy in the twenty years different? The national socialists saw in the Germany of the thirty years?

Democrats were for nothing, as the creeping things, that it was time to eradicate.

Illuminating the abysses of night, as the schwadronier denotes the end of a Zurich-based Journalist and campaigner, the former times: “Thai riot policy.”

The fascist period, the Nazi period, with six million murdered Jews, with torture and destruction of others in concentration camps, with 60 million war dead:

“riot politics”?

What is the answer to the abyss named SVP? The demand for morality?

Who attracts the SVP leader of the immorality, the requires for you morality is at all a criterion. However, this reference is missing.

reference is missing, but Where is the morality, since it is Amoral.

the language of The Totalitarian, the right and the left, has always been beyond any morality.

At a campaign event in Uster bite SVP-councillor Natalie Rickli on Thursday pointedly in an Apple.