it is Clear, geographically, Austria is our neighbour. Society but the Alpine Republic appears as a distant, exotic Land. More obvious than in the last week of the difference might be: While in the Confederation, already an unfortunate CNN-appearance of the Federal President creates national unrest breaks out in Austria, a political scandal of the extra class.

The wrong niece of a Russian oligarch, alcohol-filled abuse of power fantasies of HC Strache, venality, journalists as whores, alleged Sex orgies of the Chancellor, maybe even coke. Irritating fantasies of the FPÖ-heads anyway. The reality beats the fiction. The Cabinet Briefly at the end.

In the distant Switzerland, you think to yourself: What makes this Austria, this country under the “national socialist-Catholic sun,” as writer Thomas Bernhard’s novel “extinction” says so different? There you have, finally, a similar standard of living, speaks English, and skiing. And Austria jokes are already a thing of the past, since the Swiss spend their winter vacation rather beyond the border.

Austrians, the castle theatre, we are the Prix Walo

Culturally, for us, the Austrians house of superior high – not only Bernhard, also artists such as Manfred Deix and Ulrich Seidl created with bitter evil views of your country people’s works world-class. Of Mozart, Schubert, Musil, Klimt, we don’t want to even talk! The Austrians have the Burg theatre, the Prix Walo.

your country is a Land of extremes. Also politically. Not a few Old to see their Nation today as the first victims of the Nazis, fraternities have a little more Brown tinge than elsewhere, and in the Vastness of the Austrian right-wing spectrum are rows of minor scandals, each of which would trigger, in Germany, an earthquake. The national holiday is not about the victory over the Nazi is celebrated dictatorship, but the withdrawal of the allied liberators. You can do that.

In Austria, things change with a Bang

In the year 2000, Saddam Hussein came up with Jörg Haider-sympathizer in the government. An Austrian as a pioneer of right-wing populism. The former abuse by the rest of Europe acts today, in the face of Orban’s, Kaczynski’s and Salvini’s incomprehensible. Only Switzerland showed grace, and invited the Chancellor, Wolfgang Schüssel, to Bern. Misunderstood the Austrians feel anyway: 1683 they saved Europe from the Ottomans, in 2015, they helped to stop the flow of refugees, and no one says Thank you!

Christoph Blochers SVP rose gradually, organically to become the largest party of Switzerland. In Austria, things change with a Bang. The Waldheim-affair, Haider’s accidental death, the FPÖ split, Silberstein scandal, Strache in a camouflage suit: Austria’s policy moves are not leisurely as the Danube waltz, but stormy as the Radetzky March.

For the journalists and satirists of the rump state of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, a Paradise – or you can imagine a Swiss foreign Minister, Vladimir Putin, to the wedding invites, and before him the curtsey of power, such as Karin Kneissl, it is 2018 deed?