a Number of organizations and employees today would like to continue working in this format and after the lifting of restrictive measures, he said. Respectively, provided in the Labor code to consolidate such concepts as remote and combined employment.

the Minister said that more than 10% of the population of Russia, or about 5.6 million people moved to remote mode.

Labor relations in the field of flexible employment has already happened, says Katkov. And they need to be institutionalized. Recall that on the preparation of the draft law on the regulation “udalenka” previously stated in the “United Russia” also today the idea was supported by the Ministry of economic development.

Kotkov also reported that on a separate control in the Ministry of labour is the situation with the transfer of employees in part-time employment.

– Today it is 5.5% of workers, or more than 3 million people, he said. – I note that nearly 1.5 million workers sent to “simple”, 1 million 300 thousand people are employed on the incomplete working day or incomplete working week, and about 280 thousand employees is on unpaid leave.