the document States that the citizen’s application to transfer pension he can through a credit institution, in this case “given it will” payout time is saved.

“Previously, when changing the credit institution in which the pensioner received a pension, the payment period could change, according to a prepared draft order, date of receipt of a pension will remain at the request of the citizen the same”, – explained the “RG” in the Ministry of labor.

the Ministry recalled that the pensioner chooses him to receive a pension. For example, it can be picked up at the post office or money can bring on the house postmen. However, in the mail the payoff may come later than the due date within the delivery period. An expiration date is better to know in advance, as each post office has their own.

today, However, the greatest popularity of method of obtaining pensions through banks. In this case, the pensioner will be given the choice and the date of the receipt of funds on account with him will have to negotiate, and the desire to leave the old, to which he was accustomed. The Ministry proposes to retain the right for pensioners to save it also when you change Bank.

“a Pensioner shall have the discretion to change the credit organization carrying out delivery of pension insurance. In this case, under the current rules may be changed and the delivery date of retirement. Under the proposed changes the Ministry of labour, credit delivery organization will be to ensure the preservation of the delivery date of funds”, – stated in the message Department.